Urban Gothic Reviews s1 ep12 Turn On

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 12 ‘Turn On’ ; Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5.


  1. Um…well at least the blonde was pretty? Sorry, just struggling to think of something positive about this episode, which is another one I’ve watched only once- I’ve skipped over it every time I’ve done a rewatch (like with Deptford Voodoo).

  2. for some reason the robots in this ep make me think of my parents, which really disturbs me. O_o

  3. That episode sounds a lot like some creative writing class byproduct, doesn’t it?

    (Also, wooo, Asterix)

  4. What are your honest thoughts on the Police Academy series? As for me, I like them a lot more than I probably should, mainly due to watching the special features which can really make it hard to dislike some films, that and seeing it’s following in other countries like Russia!

    • 1, good
      2, good
      3, ok
      4, bad
      5, worse,
      6, good
      7, the worst thing ever

      • At least the annoying new guy in 7 was booted all the way down in the credits behind not only the main cast (and their horse antics) but also the villain and the love interest!
        And at least 5 had Miami and 80’stasticness, but an easier way to get that is to simply watch one of the Terence Hill Bud Spencer movies from that time!!

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