Diamanda Hagan Reviews- 03 04 Battle of the Bone

Hagan reviews Northern Irelands first zombie movie! Action, violence and a shitload of running!


  1. So…many…running… Poor actors, think about the reshoots!XD

    Waiy, you’re going to review Exorcist: The beginning?! Awesome!
    Exorcist from 1973 was the fist horror movie I have watched! I was 10 and terrified – most of the scenes I have watched with face behind pillow^^””.
    I have watched “The beginning” – it’s not so bad, at least compared to the “Exorcist: The Heretic ” (for me this sequel was very boring and stupid, a big disappointment)…
    I can’t wait to see your opinion of “The beginning”^^

  2. You really brought your a-game with the audio clip gags in this. Spot-on! (I especially liked the “Lawrence of Arabia” theme and “Take on Me”)

    While this movie almost did provide the gags all by itself, you no doubt made the most of each of them. This is one of those reviews I’ll rewatch with a friend of mine – Being a connoisseur
    of the zombie genre, she’s gonna get a kick out of this one for sure.

  3. liked the use of f zero music, loved that game as a kid. loved the music even more. so that was cool. and the omega cameo was nice.

    you didn’t really need to subtitle everything said though obviously that was the joke. 😛 i understood about half of what was said which is better than i thought i would. :p

    my favorite part was the part you were outside with the non-freerunner-freerunner. was trying to figure out how hagan talked that guy into trying to freerun but she’s hagan so it probably involved threating to remove a sexual organ. :p i think that’s the first time you’ve had a scene outside with the makeup, kinda like the idea of hagan out and about with a minion film crew, asking people to do stuff for her review show. :p the makeup looked really nice in natural sunlight, don’t know why i pointed that out but oh well. :p

    now, i liked this review, i really did but i’m going to admit it wasn’t a strong as the first series 3 videos. this is far from the worst video you’ve done but i think the problem is:

    1) i’m not northern irish and feel pointing out how wrong the northren irish film is at showing northern irish stuff is something someone who actually knows stuff about northern ireland would appreiate. seriously, if i was northern irish or english or someone who was not a stupid american who knows nothing about northern ireland i would probably laughed my ass off at how not very accurate at showing certain northern irish things you said the film didn’t accuratly show.

    2) there’s just too much running in this movie. all that running doesn’t really give you a lot to work with and i like you didn’t make as many running jokes as you did. a lesser producer would have made way too many running jokes but you joked about other things besides the running and that’s a credit to you.

    3) welshy is funny and all but his cameo ran a little too long. sorry. :/

    i want you to know i did like this one, don’t want you think i didn’t, just saying it’s a little weak compared to others you have done. keep up the great work, you still are one of the best out there. 😀

  4. 8:28 – Well… Romero DOES say what’s reanimating the zombies in the first movie… WEIRD RADIATION FROM OUTER SPAAAAAACE. Yeeeah, there’s a good reason most cuts remove that dialog.

    20:37 – Wait… if those gaping wounds were caused by disposable razors… why are the three of them hiding? If you think it’s entirely mundane, why would you be so cautious?

    There seemed to be more gang-related stuff in this than zombies.

    I gotta admit, I love zombie movies, especially the bad ones. Outside of the UK, is there a place to acquire this? Like a website one can order it from?

    • I thought NotLD said there were some theories and the space radiation because of a satellite was one of them.

      im pretty sure you can get it on amazon.co.uk who im sure will send it to other countries. or you could try contacting yellow fever productions themselves and ask them about getting a copy.

  5. Have you seen “Undead” it’s a low budget Australian zombie movie with a twist…? if not I think you’ll love it 😉

    • oh yeah lol. it got critical acclaim when it first came out… for no reason i can understand..

  6. Heh- did I see a clip from “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” during this?

    I actually know some people who were extras in this- but I have to say while I do want to support local film making etc. this just looked awful.

    • yes you do!!!!!!!!! the music and the clips were from the atheist attack from jesus christ vampire hunter. the greatest example of stupid amounts of mooks appearing for no reason ever!!!!!!

  7. I rewatched it and must say – I really likes your clothes in this review:)

  8. So wait, this film had a message? What exactly was that message?! Other than ‘hey, people have died in Northern Ireland’…

  9. I actually know why the guy is behind the curtain! He was a friend of the director and after seeing what they had done he refused to be in it unless they gave him more screen time.

  10. Also why can’t they go past Custom House on the Twelth? The parade doesn’t go through that way!

  11. Very good review Diamanda. I’m Irish, never been to Ireland unfortunately but the fact that these filmmakers put out the first zombie film from Northern Ireland, I can totally respect. Don’t know the exchange rate but I’m assuming 10,000 lbs isnt much. Was that a WWE JR clip sayin ‘he killed him, he killed him’ when they were on the bridge? And anybody that references the cd throwin’ cenobyte from Hellraiser 3 is just great in my book. I think im being Minionated as I write this. Haganism Forever!!!

  12. The shop at 26:30 is called Mike Hunt…I shall just leave that tidbit of information there for you.

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