Diamanda Hagan Review Special Review : Exorcist The Beginning

Diamanda Hagan reviews the first of her two special reviews looking at the prequels to the exorcist.



  1. I remember seeing this movie, but what I remember the most is the feeling it left me with in the end: I WAS GLAD IT WAS OVER

  2. My partner really likes this movie,
    I think I need to get a divorce ;D

  3. The Deadliest Warrior bit had me rolling in laughter. “Gattling guns versus the willingness to throw themselves at gattling guns!”

    Highly amusing review.

  4. And once again, this only proves that stupios, erm I am sorry, I mean studios, don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. They spent $70 million on the original version of the prequel now known as Dominion (aka the GOOD version) but thought it was too slow and that audiences would be too dumb to comprehend it. So instead they waste another $80 million for Renny Harlin to remake it into a crappy, predictable and boring gorefest with no point to it at all. I am GLAD it tanked! Morgan Creek did not deserve to recooperate their losses. Though I doubt it taught them a lesson about how producers/studios shouldn’t play moviemaker sadly. -_-

    But on the plus side, at least we got to see the original (GOOD) prequel. Anyway, pretty damn good review Hagan. However, I can’t help but feel insulted by even seeing a shred of the Harlin version of the film.

  5. Izabella Scorupco is not Svedish. She was 8 when she moved to Sveden, but she is Polish.
    Just wanted you to know.
    Will you review another prequel to Exorcist, “Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist” from 2005 year? I haven’t watch it, I have heard opinions that this is slightly better than the “Exorcist: The beginning”.
    Also is there a chance that you will review Exorcist: The heretic? It would be fun to see your reaction to the amount of stupidity in this sequel:).

  6. The hars – They were brought once again!
    You are definitely amongst my very favorite top reviewers right now, since your humor and style hit my likings in these regards just about perfectly.
    I have to admit, though – The “alternate reality” bits that have popped up lately unnerv me a little. For some reason, nothing else in your reviews freaks me out as much as a jolly, positive Hagan does.

  7. I can’t even imagine sitting through this movie once, when you probably sat through it four to five times AND you took notes 8B

    Happy Jolly Hagan is unnerving indeed…

  8. wouldn’t crucifying someone upside down completely defeat the point of crucifixion?

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