Diamanda Hagan Review Special Review : Dominion Prequel to the Exorcist

Nina Galas reviews the second of her two special reviews looking at the prequels to the exorcist.

If the vid is blocked in your country click here!



  1. “Often victimized” lol.

    I liked the little Magneto reference. And Galas didn’t have to apologize for it. 😛

    The “…and a face painted assistant named Nina. Who’s me.” part was adorable.

    “never assume you know more than the movie.” another lol. And all the little other parts like that were funny too.

    The part where the British officer kills himself followed by your little jab at the other prequel and the “director of cutthroat island” was really clever.

    Ed Glaser in the blue part was awesome.

    I’m guessing the switching of the names “diamanda galas” and “nina hagen” is where you got your characters names from. 😛

    Overall I really liked this one. The nina galas character was adorable as she was disturbing. Well the character her self isn’t disturbing, it’s more her universe, a place where an entire country of people abuse, mentally and physically torture one person endlessly. That’s actually more fucked up than Hagan, which is really saying something.

  2. It’s true, why didn’t the Dutch resistance kill him as an Nazi informer? Couldn’t they make up some story on how he did not end up dead in a ditch?

  3. Okay, I already left a short comment on Facebook, but in hindsight, there’s another thing that I’d like to mention. I like how you gave this counter-universe incarnation some nuances right away. Just like Hagan is a villain with her own ideas of morality, Galas is not purely subservient. She’s got all the potential for free thought and a critical mind, but it’s continuously abused out of her by the m…. asters(?). Of course, this was a great movie to pick for the proper introduction (or did I miss something before?) of the character, as that’s more or less the modus operandi of organized religion in general and Christianity in particular (thus the white masks?).

  4. So is this a remake or a prequel to the prequel uhhhhh brain fried….

    • I believe this prequel was made first then the studio decided to shelf it then produced the other prequel

      • Yeah, the first version was too ‘psychological’, and they wanted jump-scares.

  5. This is my first meeting with your character Nina Galas – I like her. When Diamanda is cruel, evil and sadistic (that’s why we love her), Nina is quite cute and innocent. To be honest, it was confusing for me a little – I laugh when I see Diamanda torturing minions, but whenever I have seen Nina being tortured by her masters(?) I could only thing “poor poor thing”. Maybe my morals are a little screwed, but for me Nina looks like a little, opressed puppy (who would want to see puppy got hurt?).
    This movie sounds interesting, maybe I will watch it with my brother.

  6. Nina Galas’ name made me smile, as I was sure that was where the name of Diamanda Hagan came from. But…..the reference to Blue…..I was actually crying with laughter. And not just for the Tilda Swinton line, but because I really love that film too.

  7. I wish I was able to use the *I chose food” line in conversation sometime, but it seems unlikely.

  8. Awesome review and I absolutely loved the Bret Hart theme music that you snuck in there when Marin was walking like a badass. Did you happen to be a wrestling fan back in the day?

  9. 13:03 I see you’re a fan of the “Excellence of Execution”

  10. I want to rescue poor Anita

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