Urban Gothic Reviews s1 ep13 Thirteen

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 13 ‘Thirteen’. Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5.



  1. I wish to thank you again for doing these reviews- Urban Gothic has become something of a go to show when I’m feeling a bit down. Even episodes that aren’t necessarily good (like this one) have a certain charm about them I find.

    I look forward to the Adam Adamant reviews- I don’t know too much about it but heard good things.

  2. YAY NEW REVIEW! Anyway, I like these episode by episode reviews. It kind of gives us more of a feel for the show as a whole. While reviewing a tv series is difficult to tell overall (like Urban Gothic where a lot of episodes aren’t good and some may be inclined to say the show sucked), these types of reviews really give the viewer a chance to see the hidden gems of a series like Vampirology, Pineapple Chunks, etc. Thank you for taking time to do these reviews (plus the Bonekickers reviews were just plain funny and entertaining as reviews).

  3. Another enjoyable review that.. Wait a second, did he decapitate the guy into the world’s largest toilet bowl?!

  4. I will really try to find the dvds. Hail Hagan!

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