Diamanda Hagan Reviews 03 05 The Truth about Demons

Does this frankly awful film from New Zealand contain The Truth about Demons?



  1. The catamite comment was brilliant. Rather fitting considering all the homoeroticism in this film. ESPECIALLY during the heart-ripping scene, where I swear it looked like a kinky sex scene (minus the cockroaches…or maybe with them, depending on your taste).

    Great review as always, Hagan. 🙂

  2. Another brilliant video. 🙂

  3. Loved the LOTR convention gag.

    Is it wrong I kept expecting Harry Russo to appear at any moment in this movie?

  4. Huh, I didn’t expect Hagan to have such a… colorful past. Outrageous indeed.

    That movie is terribly misleading in my opinion. It implies that there are problems that can not be solved with chainsaws.

  5. Another good video, Hagan. When watching I wrote notes of the jokes and stuff i liked so here they are:

    – the minion is wearing the “best $50 ever spent” hat. (don’t expect the rest of you to get what that means. :P)

    – wondering why the camera took so long to reach karl urban joke

    – blood turning brown/”mistress that will take a few hours” joke

    – “christ this is interesting”

    – “hot cock anyone?”

    – Aleister joke

    – “mainly new zealand streath/crappy new zealand craftmenship”

    – “disgruntled new age artist”

    – sciencetology censorship thing

    – “the ability to pay for a room is a bonus”

    – the eating the scenery dubbed over thing

    – “dude you just described your own movie and the director can hear you.”

    – “there queer” cut scene

    – sin city reference

    – “demons, bullshit, bullshit, demons, and demons connection to bullshit.”

    – billy connolly on his tour of new zealand

    – “im karl urban. i’m an actor. not a mime”

    – “excuse me, would you like some gauntlets and an embarrassing looking super hero costume.”

    – “the most obvious thing said in any context ever.”

    – “sneaking past is for people with no imagination…touche”

    – “long night of….elephant cock.”

  6. Fabulous kind of reminds me of Tim Minchin.

  7. So this is what Karl Urban did before playing Cupid in Xena: Warrior Princess? I take back everything I said about his role as cupid.

    Great review as always.

  8. Great review Hagan. I saw this at the video store alot but for some reason never picked it up. Now i know why lol. Loved the Orgazmo video in the middle of the review, way more entertaining than the movie itself. If you’ve seen Orgazmo, I have no doubt you’ve watched Cannibal: The Musical. It’s the funniest cannibalism movie from Trey Parker and Matt Stone that Troma ever put out. Have a Schpadoinkle day.

  9. Well… I live in Wellington so there aren’t any sheep to fuck. Being in Peter Jackson films… Well I’ve met the man once or twice (friends with his kids) but the closest I’ve ever been to one of his films is walking/driving through spots I saw in The Frighteners on my way to work/school.
    We do have a lot of mountains to look at though! But it’s climbing over the bloody things that’s the problem.

    • …campcounselorfryingpan? Is that you?

      • No, but whoever they are they sound a lot more interesting than me if a comment about sheep fuckery reminds you of them.

  10. Oh, and I vigorously interrogated two lawyers I know (mater and pater) and it turns out the police here DO check their IDs.

    So we can conclude that this film about demons and skinless monkeys might be factually unreliable.

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