Homelesssb’sterrd Flubs- The Passion Play

Flubs from Aleisters Passion Play Review

Diamanda Hagan Reviews 03 05 The Truth about Demons

Does this frankly awful film from New Zealand contain The Truth about Demons?

Lets Try.. Some N.Irish and Yanks Eat Japanese Stuff

Deep in a hotel some Reviewer-Folk eat Japanese Snacks!

The Brits: Diamanda Hagan and The Avatar of Decent Humour (Next time I see her shes gonna kill me for calling her British)

The Yanks: Thatdouche, The Wire, LC, Mikey Insanity

Lets Try.. Some Yanks and Canucks eat British Stuff

Hagan and the Avatar force some Yanks and Canucks to eat British stuff they brought to America.

The Yanks are: Mikey Insanity, LC, That Douche, The Wire, Sharkwayne and SpazzMaster

The Canucks are: Cin Wicked and Robert Million

Urban Gothic Reviews s1 ep13 Thirteen

Urban Gothic is a British Horror Anthology from the year 2000 Series 1, Episode 13 ‘Thirteen’. Urban Gothic is owned by Channel 5.

Fan Art: Diamanda Hagan Peep

Diamanda Hagan Peep

A Diamanda Hagan peep done by dragonwings131! I love it! Check out their Deviantart here!

They also did one of teddy.

Dragonwings is very kindly sending me a copy of each and they will be turning up in a review on of these days!

Flubs- Linkaras Rise of Arsenal Review Cameo

All the footage sent to Linkara for his epic ‘Previously on Atop the Fourth wall..’ segment.