Diamanda Hagan Review 03 06 The Dragon Lives Again

Bruce Lee is in the most random-as fuck hell ever created. Will he beat people up? Of course!



  1. I loved Welshy’s cameo, Hagan looked broken when saying yes master. When did Teddy come back to life? Also, Hagan spelled dead wrong.

    • hehe thanks.

      teddy appeared in the starrbooty review as well but not everythings as it seems.

      and yeah she did. it was deliberate.

  2. Is it wrong I was turned on by Diamanda saying “Yes master?”

  3. Welshy’s cameo was really funny. The film reminds me of some of the more insane crossover fics I’ve read.

  4. Dear sweet mother jubblie, this movie looks like distilled insanity!

  5. Zatoichi soundtrack! Nice…

  6. I was wondering…Why Welshy and Sad Pandy often do stuff “agaist” thatguywiththeglasses. At first I tough they just were like that to anything. But…It’s to much … To soon. Am I missing something?

    • well since im not them i cant talk for them but I think its that their philosophy for humour is make fun of everything. and no one else on the site was really doing it so it became their thing. its all in good fun.

      • Oh! I see. Thnks
        (ZOMG! Hagan ((Or at leat the webmaster )) Replied to me!)

  7. Thanks for introducing me to the Japanese version of river dance .

  8. HOMG @ Babylon 5 reference. *orgasms*

    …*ahem* Excuse me.

  9. This movie is awesome, but apparently Hagan thinks a crappy transfer from a VHS copy is the original film’s fault.

  10. Love that you used the Zatoichi music. Are you a Kitano fan?

    • I def like Kitano in some stuff. Love the dancing from Zatoichi!

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