Adam Adamant Lives! Reviews Ep 2 Death has a Thousand Faces

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at the Classic 1960’s British spy/ hero series Adam Adamant Lives!

Adam Adamant Lives Series 1 Episode 2- Death has a Thousand Faces

Adam Adamant Lives! is owned by the BBC.



  1. I should really get the album that Patti Smith song is on. With the revival of: Charlie’s Angels, Hawaii Five-O and others that I can’t be bothered to remember their names. I would not be surprised if this show was revived. Or is that just in North America?

  2. I can’t tell you how pleased I am you used “Horses” as the title theme for this. I’m loving these episodes so far. It makes me want to buy this series on DVD, if I could find it. Keep up the brilliant work! 🙂

  3. I suspect you’re going to hate this comment, but the lead actor reminds me a LOT of David Tennant. 🙂

  4. You *NEED* to make a “Don’t bring a gun to an Adam Adamant fight” t-shirt

  5. It’s going to sound stupid, but this must actually have been an attempt at being topical: this was about the time when there was a lot of fuss about gangs of yoof doing crime at the seaside (and organised crime at the seaside in general.)

    • You could be right. I dont know much about the crime at Blackpool in the mid-60’s heh.

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