Twatty New Who Review- Victory of the Daleks


Like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time, Victory of the Daleks.



  1. Can someone please turn your ending speech into an actual episode? It would make up for every crap Who episode I’ve ever seen.

  2. I’ll freely admit I disagree with as much of your take on Who as I agree with but in a canon that has spanned almost half a century and literally hundreds of stories I’ve not met one person I see fully eye-to-eye with on all issues Who. I think that’s the joy of a series that can be set anywhere, anywhen with anyone no matter how much RTD would have loved to isolate the Doctor in a London annexed by the New Welsh Empre. I enjoy seeing what others take from the show and what it is about this wonderful, diverse corner of geekdom that drew them in.

    One thing I’ve always been curious on, what is your take on Ace? She’s a personal favorite though with a few noticeably goofy (or just poorly directed) moments such as that anus-clenching BOOOM scene… but the main reason I ask is because I was wondering how you feel about her as the Doctor’s first official LGBT companion. In particular I’m curious as to whether you felt them playing this in an extremely subtle manner was an improvement over RTD was slightly less subtle about LGBT messages and characters than Egypt’s first gay Pharo Iwana Ramitinyu – who I just made up – or if it was an example of cowardice on the part of the show-runners.

  3. I second Kim’s proposal.

    I thought the second most popular time period in New Who was the Victorian era? WW II was just 2 stories, this one and TEC/TDD. Or am I forgetting something?

    Yeah, this episode, or rather the preview for this episode coming after the single most frustrating New Who episode ever was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back for me and made me give up on the series alltogether. At least hating the Tenth Doctor had some entertainment value, and at least RTD’s plot holes and continuity fuck-ups left enough room to serve as an intellectual challenge some of the time (*). But I’m very ‘meh’ about Eleven & Co. and I don’t think Moffat is a particularly good writer apart from having some interesting ideas, so when his series started intentionally ignoring big swathes of New Who continuity (**) and relying on literal magic to resolve sci-fi problems, I just stopped caring. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

    (** I can accept any changes made from Old Who as caused by the Time War, but if the British government had the Doctor’s phone number in post-Time War continuity, that invalidates the setup of several RTD-era stories as well as the entirety of Torchwood.)

    (*For example, I’ve got an elaborate fanwank for the discrepancy between Nine’s guilt complex for sacrificing the Time Lords and the retcon of the eeeevil Time Lords that totally had to be executed for the good of the universe in “The End of Time”. It involves Ten finally embracing his god complex and going back to alter his own past, meaning everything after “Waters of Mars” happens in a completely altered and highly unstable universe. Have they ever given an explanation for the cracks?)

    • The cracks were caused by an exploding Tardis which ended up unraveling time and forcing the Doctor to restart it, then be brought back into existence by Amy remembering. Thats a bit magic like I guess but the doctor has had companions before who were able to do stupider shit and the episode was good enough for me to buy it at the time. Who caused the Tardis to explode is still up in the air at the moment and I think they might be building that up so hard that nothing they come up with will be good enough, but I’m still enjoying the series.

      • An entire year went by and still, no explanation about who was controlling the tardis. Bad writing I say.

  4. Wow that was a damn good idea, your version would be a lot better then the episode we got.
    While this episode and the one before it were crap I really like this season and so far every season with Doctor 11, much better then pretty much every season with 10 which is why I really want to see your review on “The End of Time”, and I don’t care how long it is.

  5. The trailer for this one made me think of something along the lines of your closing idea as well as Power of the Daleks. Power is one of my favourite stories in spite of all six episodes missing video. Really brilliant story, strongly recommend anyone that’s not experienced it track down the version narrated by Tom Baker.

    I walked away from Victory feeling very disappointed for pretty much all the reasons stated here. Having said that, it is not the worst Dalek story new-Who has done. In my opinion Manhatten/Evolution still takes that. And hopefully will remain to claim it forevermore.

    If you ever do an End of Time review, it may help to watch Terror of the Autons to cleanse the pallet. On the other hand comparing Delgado’s Master to MINO (Master In Name Only, I refuse to call that abomination The Master) may well drive you into yet unexplored heights of fury and frustration. It seems to work for some people but not so much for others.

  6. Two Kirk Cameron references in under a minute? Great!

    As for episode length, don’t worry Diamanda, I could watch your videos for hours on end and I’m sure that everyone feels the same way

    What were your thoughts on The Brigadier’s send-off in the season 6 finale?

    • frankly it part annoyed me because it was like they were trying to make up for ignoring him for the past 6 years. nicolas courtney coulda guested but they didnt want to do it.

      it was partly touching, as they wanted it to be.

      as a who geek it was a little annoying as the brig was de-aged and lived a looooooooong life in the books before dying in the 23rd or so century.

      as a plain old fan, id wanted to see a brigadeer and ian chesterton in a old peoples home battling an alien menace bubba ho tep style and it rammed home to me that it wont happen.

      • The Brigadier and Ian Chesterton… working together to fight off alien menace. Best story ever? I think so! Though I do feel obliged to mention Face of the Enemy which has them working together alongside the original Master.

        There was a rather brilliant comic posted on the Big Finish forums – at least that is where I saw it – which had 11 meet the Brig. Fade Away was a much better sendoff than what we saw onscreen.

  7. Just a quick note – I have NO problem with the length of your reviews. I actually prefer them longer, if that allows you more time to dig.

    I generally love your work, and especially this series. Kindly continue, if you would!

  8. Oh yeah, and I’m not sure if this was a mistake or not but when you mentioned a William Hartnell story where they couldn’t afford a cell set my mind immediately went to Patrick Troughton’s Enemy of the World where the supposed genius Salamander decides for some reason that a corridor doubles up quite nicely as a holding area.

    Not sure if it was a mistake because it seems like the sort of thing that would happen to the show more than once.

  9. The William Hartnell episode she’s talking about which has the ‘security kitchen’ is The Ark. And as for Enemy of the World, I doubt that anyone still alive has seen that, because, *gosh* I wonder what happened to that serial? Oh yeah, FUCKING LOST!

    • Realised that it was The Ark a few hours after making the comment, but thanks. I do feel a bit silly for not remembering it. Then again, I do try to forget Dodo’s existance as much as possible.

      Oddly enough, the only episode of Enemy of the World that exists is episode three… which has the prison/corridor bit near the start.

      • Aww, what’s wrong with good ol’ adorable Dodo?

  10. Ah, the power of love. I can’t think of a worse deus ex machina. This was really funny, as always. On another note, maybe I should finally watch some of this show on SPACE and not just lazily get all my information on it from review shows like this.

  11. I will agree with the logic gaps and we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the new Daleks versus old Daleks, but as illogical as it was, Space Spitfire was awesome and you will not convince me otherwise.

  12. Actually I never heard the power rangers joke before. I only heard the iDalek joke and that, because they are too big, there will be iDalek Nanos soon. And if they need to regenerate with time traveler DNA they will become the iDalek Touch.

  13. The good thing about the new daleks is their rarity., since they only appear in four episodes, and in three of those they are cameos. Because apart from the first season dalek episodes I find most of their stories pretty damn crappy.

  14. Wow, your idea of what the episode should’ve been was awesome. I’d love to have seen that.

    I agree with what you said about Mark Gatiss as well, I like the guy, but his work on Who hasn’t been very good. (I sort of liked Night Terrors, but I think I would’ve liked ANYTHING different after A Good Man Goes to War/Let’s Kill Hitler that wasn’t related to those two.)

    Anyway, great review.
    /late comment is late.

  15. I hated the majority of the RTD era, and am a big Smith and Moffat fan, but I thought this episode was an early sign of the one problem I’ve got with current Who – there’s a tendency to introduce the setting of an episode, then halfway through abandon it for the ongoing Story Arc. This entire episode seemed pointless other than to set up an eventual Dalek Rangers plot and to establish a plot point for the Time Cracks arc. This would get worse in episodes like Flesh and Stone, Let’s Kill Hitler and the Series 7 finale. I like ongoing plots and mystery, but it’d be nice to have some standalone episodes that take advantage of being in an interesting setting, like this barely does.

    Also, thumbs up to the Telebugs reference! I’d love to see a Doctor Who – Telebugs crossover episode. Set on Button Moon…

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