Adam Adamant Lives! Reviews Ep 4 The Sweet Smell of Disaster

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at the Classic 1960’s British spy/ hero series Adam Adamant Lives!

Adam Adamant Lives Series 1 Episode 4- The Sweet Smell of Disaster.

Adam Adamant Lives! is owned by the BBC.



  1. That was pretty cool with the intro with the music from Goldfinger. I am almost surprised with the lack of CSI Miami stinger music with the villain who put his glasses on, instead using that clip from Voyage of the Damned. Pretty good review. It also took me a little too long to remember where I saw that clip.

  2. As always, very fun review!
    I’m getting the weirdest feeling that Adam Adamant would work as a modern animated show somehow.

  3. Hey, as much as I love Mr. Adam, I don’t think he could take Don Draper. I don’t think anyone can, they’re more likely to end up sleeping with him.

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