Hagan Cameos- Project Million: Fuck the Internet…

Presenting Project Million: Fuck the Internet… the short film with a lack of talent but with a big heart that Critic TV made this summer in Florida (and I (and a MINION!) featured in)

See what happens when Hagan rides ‘Its a small world’….



  1. You’re excellent in this, and definitely the best performer. I still can’t figure out what this Million thing is about (maybe that’s the idea, I don’t know), but the parodies have been interesting.

    • Critictv do a show where they take the piss out of reviewers. Its usually weekly but their on hiatus til Halloween. Hagan took offence that they didn’t cover my joinng TGWTG and so hunted them down and killed them.

      Their all good people and Id suggest you check out CriticTV when it coems back.

  2. Ah, I see now. I love that premise. I’ll definitely check this out. I enjoy shows like these and yours more than most of what’s on TV.

  3. Riding in “It’s a Small World After All” didn’t cure Hagan of megalomania or genocidal tendencies? She truly is evil! Funny film, looks you all had fun making it!

  4. Maybe it’s just me.. well, it probably is since I’m one of the few authors who specialize in Walt Disney World as my subject matter..

    But knowing where the characters really are versus what they’re saying and where they’re implying they are .. makes for much funny.

    Oh well, so much for movie magic.

    That, and perhaps I need a vacation away from Disney World when I recognize the hotel rooms by the bedspreads and carpets.

    • Im sorry, but we really were there… we stayed in the Polynesian. I think the only time we pretended to be somewhere we werent was the guys standing in front of the entrance which was done at the ticket and transport centre.

      Have I misunderstood your post?

      • A little bit 🙂 Not sure i understood my original point myself though…

        That’s what i get for trying to express vague ideas when i’m half awake. It certainly wasn’t meant as a jab, sorry if it came off that way. More “bemusement.”

        Whimsical Disney bemusement.

        I guess in my head i decided to lump it all under “pretending to be there” when i moreso meant the choice of vista and locations in general in addition to that particular location-swap scene.

        I think in particular that bit stood out because many people assume the Magic Kingdom just sort of springs forth from some trees and maybe a fence.. but in reality where one parks their car is two miles away – by ferry or monorail – across a lake.

        Seeing the two locations compacted to match most people’s mental image stuck with me in a weird philosophical way – like art imitating perceived reality or some such nonsense.


        I am surprised Disney let you film as much as they did. Did they hassle you at all? Typically they’re sort of frownie-faced-take-away-your-camera-and-threaten-to-send-you-Disney-jail-where-you’ll-be-forced-to-learn-that-horrid-song-and-dress-in-world-costume-before-your-feet-are-bolted-to-the-floor when it comes to “professional filming or photography” without their permission.

        Did you just keep it on the down-low and avoid high numbers of takes? Or did they just sort of let you be?

        Which for them, well, isn’t normal. They’re a little control freaky…

      • They didnt actually bother us. Probly because we just used handicams so it looked like vacation footage or something. If we needed to do something long and involved we found a quiet spot (like the baloon popping scene done out of the way near adventure land) We did some recon before filming to try and find the quietest places to film the dialogue scenes. And of course what happens in the hotel rooms, stays in the hotel rooms :p

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