Diamanda Hagan Review 03 08 Emmanuelle 5

An old enemy forces Hagan to review one of the films she hates most…



  1. Not watched all the review yet- but just had to pause it to say that the disney’s salo gag was both the most disturbing and hilarious thing I’ve seen/heard in quite some time.

  2. I felt the need to comment because I thoroughly enjoyed the review but the material was so vapid and inconsequential that I couldn’t think of anything that I could add to your vitriol.

    Instead I’ll just say I love the way you juggle informative topics, schlock and biting humor. I think you’d make the best guest on the best episode of Question Time the BBC could never air.

    “Tonight we come from Hagistan with an audience full of… oh.”

  3. Aaaah, this is one of those reviews that just WORK. The beats hit beautifully, and the elements come together.
    I like that you still find metagags that certain pheople haven’t, and actually make them entertaining. Having Squirrel Girl in there certainly was a very nifty setup, too. (Although I was mildly disappointed by the lack of accurate facial markings)

    As for the actually movie… I have been unfortunate enough to watch the beginning of it before (one does not finish Emanuelle 5 if it can be helped), and I could swear that the film-within-a-film scenes actually included implied person-on-terrier sex. Was that not in your copy? Seems like something one would mention.

    • Maybe your right about the man on terrior. that reminds me somehting… Maybe I spotted it first time I saw it and missed it when i did the review script.

      Glad you liked the review 🙂

  4. That is really weird. I would try to watch the video all the while constantly “buffering” then during the review it cuts out to that fucking annoying stand up woman when I am trying to watch the review! Luckily for me, it seems to work on blip.tv. I like the look with the blue hair. I have a vague recollection an Emmanuelle movie when she battled Dracula. It was really stupid and mind numbingly boring. I hope it doesn’t actually exist.

  5. I didn’t think you could hate any porno more than the deceptively heterosexist Emmanuelle 4. Then again I didn’t think I would hate The Watchmen more than Epic Movie.
    The review was great though and I second the motion that the Salo gag was epic. And I love your purple coats. Will you wear that particular one for each Emmanuelle review if there are any more? That would be pretty cool.
    BTW, don’t bother asking me why I hate The Watchmen unless you have nothing planned the next few months. Honestly, you’d get an earfull.

    • Actually I love E4, its so accidentally funny. I didnt really get that across in the review though. But yeah I HATE E5. I added it to my review list about 18 months ago and took as long as i could before reviewing it. watching it hurt me soooo much.

      Im planning on using the fur one for each E movie. but I have no plans so far to review another. so maybe itll appear in other ones too. I have another purple coat thats not been in a review yet. velvet trench coat. need to use it some time!

      Glad you liked the review! and if i could do any change to Watchmen Id have used looking out for a hero when they were off to stop ozy. the big damn heroes moment needed more cheese.

      • Or the soundtrack to Biggles. God I loved that movie as a kid!

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