Diamanda Hagan Review 03 09 Bad Biology

The Biology on display is indeed pretty fucking bad. Bad Biology is owned by Bad Biology. This is the HD Version.



  1. So, does this mean we get to see Nina Galas again? Cause that would be quite awesome.

    • Unless one of us get killed by something stupid in the meantime. You shall see Nina Galas at least 1 more time.

      • Sweet, the only thing that would it better is if she showed up on a giant robot spider.

  2. I’m confused, when did Teddy come back and what is the difference between Teddy and Lord Ted?

    • Lord Ted is the ruler of the parallel universe seen in the dominion prequel to the exorcist review.

      Teddys been seen back a few times since his death just before Schizophreniac. Starrbooty, Dragon lives Again.

      Everything will be explained next ep. Im pretty much wrapping up all continuing story bits in one go.

  3. This is possibly the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen.

  4. Awesome as always. I’m just curious, was the decision to not censor the reflection of the topless woman in the shower also part of the not censoring things that aren’t real?

    • Nah, that was something I missed. Tomorrow Im gonna replace the video.

      • Neat, an instant collectable! Someday I’ll be able to sell my internet cache on eBay.

  5. What the fuck did I just watch?!? o_O

  6. Jesus, I had a hard time sitting through this one. This movie is so gross, it almost made me an asexual. It made me squirm almost as much as The Taint. That early sketch with the minions, though, made it worthwhile. I like this storyline, too. Sort of reminds me of one of Linkara’s skits, but short and sweet.

  7. I think this is my favorite episode of yours. Every joke made me laugh and I was in complete hysterics during your reaction to the “rape montage.”

    Love the ending, too. Can’t wait to see what becomes of it!

  8. I remember reading about this in Fangoria. The movie looked better there. I should really watch Basket Case sometime.

  9. Given the movie in question, it almost makes me feel dirty to say, but this is probably going to be one of my favorites amongst your reviews. The cutaways and references slotted right in, there was very snappy timing and glorious dancing on the corner of hilarious and disturbing with the violence. (apropos of the subject matter, I imagine) And speaking of “Disturbing” – I think that Hagan the character works amazingly well when she’s shrugging off or enjoying things that would freak most people the fuck out.
    Also, the minion elements were beautiful in this, at least for my tastes. I love the idea of an endless supply of oddly-specialized, yet disposable minions.
    Also, I did not see the twist ending coming, even though I figured that something was up with Teddy. Can’t wait for the next review!

  10. You are a demented fuck.

    Hail Hagan!

    That is all.

  11. Since I believe I may be the only person viewing your videos to bring up the castration/emasculation issue, and you actually bothered to address it in a video, that makes me feel quite special. You’ve really made my night, thank you. 🙂

  12. Oh man, that movie looks so wrong but so right at the same time. I cackled during the rape montage reaction.

    And I look forward to seeing your worst witch review- it’s a guilty pleasure for me.

  13. Woah, the photography scenes insult me so hard just because I am a erotic and fetish photographer. If I acted like the female photographer in this movie my models would walk out so fast you’d see a cloud of smoke that resembled their silhouette.

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