Adam Adamant Lives! Reviews Ep 6 The Terribly Happy Embalmers

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at the Classic 1960’s British spy/ hero series Adam Adamant Lives!

Adam Adamant Lives Series 1 Episode 6- The Terribly Happy Embalmers.

Adam Adamant Lives! is owned by the BBC.


  1. BBC radio ‘Lord of the Rings’ shout-out, huzzah!

    Truly, Mistress Hagan, you are on a par with Adam Adamant himself for sheer awesomeness. CHANNEL Awesomeness, that is. Pray, continue!

  2. The Terribly Happy Embalmers has to be the most awesome name for an episode of any show ever, even if it doesn’t really fit in with the episodes content

  3. I was delighted to learn that I could watch this video on my Android phone. Ms. (or is it Mrs.) Jones is in the story because she has main character powers that attract her to the plot! That is the only explanation I can think of.

  4. This is the most awesome kids show I’ve seen since Batman the animated series. Can you tell me the name of that awesome song you use in the opening and credits?

    • Land: Part One Horses by Patti Smith. It appears on Patti Smith’s debut album “Horses”. I also would like to take the chance to say the voice over sounds a little echo-ey when I watch it on my phone.

      • Is it all videos or just this one? Is it ok with a computer?

  5. It sounds fine on the computer. It is just when I watch it on my phone with headphones.

  6. Are they confusing psychiatrists and psychologists here? I was under the impression that hypnosis, and the ‘lying on the couch’ thing were more the latter than the former.

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