Immortals in 5 Seconds

Immortals is owned by Relativity Media



  1. I don’t get it…

    • The magic bow reminded me of the magic bow in visionaries. so i got the audio from it and out it over footage of the bow. pretty silly really.

  2. I took me a while to get it. Back then only French channels would air a dubbed version of Visionaries.

  3. It’s probably one of the best-looking films of the whole year (yet, I still haven’t seen Tree of Life) and the action is awesome and in-you-face which is something I always like. The story dragged on a bit and I couldn’t help but think that if the writing was a tweaked a little better, this would have definitely been a very solid film. Instead it was just fun and pretty to look at. Good review.

    • good description of the film, though I didnt review it.

    • It was good to see they got actual Greeks to write it, but I get the feeling they had studio meddling to keep the mythology to a minium. Hence the “Minotaur”.

      (They still managed to give Poseidon enough little nods to things, though.)

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