Diamanda Hagan Reviews 03 10 The Worst Witch

Its the season finale and as such a childrens film.. observe… the Proto-Potter!



  1. I don’t get the last joke. Why would the internet throw eggs at you?

  2. It is at least twice the movie that The Goblet of Fire was. That is easily the worst Harry Potter movie. I only watched the whole thing because I liked David Tennant as Barty Crouch, Jr.

  3. fun facet therer is a tv show and it flowed her all the way to collage then rebooted

  4. Epic series finale, Mistress! Although I was kinda wondering what became of Aleister in the end. Well, the flubs for this will be very interesting. Doesn’t getting egged hurt? That was a wonderful review. Thank you thank you thank you

    • we filmed a clip of aleister saying somehting like ‘id still like to get untied some time!’ but cut it out.

      getting egged did hurt. iv got bruises, heh

  5. bummer the seasons over . i really liked this. . are you still going post reruns on tgwtg ?

    • yeah. tgwtg is getting one a week til i run out of stuff or they kick me out.

      s4 starts in feb but theres 5 videos between now and then. weirdly you may get stuff more often now theres no series….

  6. You had won me over. I am at your service. What is thy bidding?

    • be nice to good people. be nasty to mean people.

      • As you wish, Mistress.

  7. “Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I can’t see.” Couldn’t agree more. Tim Curry is the man.

    Also…the potion’s teacher in this movie is pretty hot. I prefer her sexiness over Snape’s…weird greasy inexplicable attractiveness.

    Great review! Complex without being bogged down. And very funny!

    • was complex to film though! we filmed the intro skit and a couple other things in the time we usually spend on a whole ep.

      • That just makes it all the better. Your hard work really shined through.

  8. “I just figured out why Faruza Balk was the Crazy witch in the Craft”.

    Wow. This movie gets ten times better if you imagine it as a prequel to the Craft XD

  9. Damn it, I was eating when You started trying to remove slash idea from your brainXD! I almost have seen the ligjht!XD
    Your reviews keep getting better and better
    Btw, was’n there a television series with the same title? I remember watching something similar…
    Oh, is there a chance that you had watch Princess Fantaghiro when you were a child? I loved that series of movies (the last one doesn’t count. In my universe there was never been made 5th movie. If it was, I would have to kill people responsible for destroying my childhood) but unfortunately now I can’t found them==.

    • yeah there was a tv show, lots like it but im very meh about it. don’t know anything about the princess… things, what are they about?

      glad you enjoyed the review!

      • Princess Fantaghiro? You know, typical story of princess who dresses like man, many times saves kingdom and her beloved one, defeatssome creatures like evil witch, wizards, trolls etc and has a talking horse. You know, your typical princess.
        Seriously, when I was 6 only things in tv for girls was like drinking tea ponies or some other pink crap so when I have seen Fantaghiro my first reaction was “Girls can kick butts too?!?”
        I also still remember scene from the third movie when evil witch (there is a lot of them in these movies) has changed one of her minions into carrot and ate it.
        Maybe today these movies are a “little” cheesy but I still love it. My first strong female character role.

  10. Wow, you were ON on this one. There were so many little things to notice here that I wish I’d taken notes, because I seriously lost track and… mmmhmm, that’s some good riffing on the subject of the review. Of course, it was asking for it….

    While I’m not usually a fan of the “I’ll treat this thing as another thing” gag, it did work for this review because of the huge similarities of the … uh.. IPs? “Worst Witch” can’t really be called a franchise, I guess.

    The “Get out of my head” gag was risky in being so over the top, but damnit, it worked. Come to think about it, this review is a treasure trove of reaction shots..

    I really enjoyed the self-referential, slightly meta humor. (Gun that looks like a toy is a big one there). It was also nice to see Hagan felling her enemies without too much effort. It suits the character nicely to show why she’s in charge sometimes. And “You’re standing in him” was hilarious!

    Also good to know that Hagan got over her zaniness trauma from the Condorman review.

    Also, did I hear that right? “Frau-Ron”? Not every day do I encounter a gag that is equal parts random gratuitous German and Lord Of The Rings.

    I really disagree with the egging, obviously, but then again, I never cared much about Potter.

    Uncomfortable PS: Seeing Hagan well-lit, without the jacket is… uh… It caught me off-guard.

  11. It really looks like you were biting back the laughter a few times on this one, especially when Lord Ted was interrogating you. Am I imagining that much of the physical acting is improvised on the spot? The occasional spontaneity and rusty edges are quite fun IMHO.

    • oh the holding back laughter was deliberate. wanted to to look like hagans being smug because she knew. if you look at the end of bad biology she smiles when teddy reveals himself.

      lots of the acting is spontaneous though.

  12. Can’t change a cat’s colour because they’re magic proof?

    Had Diamanda pointed out the similarities between Anthony Horowitz’ “Groosham Grange” and “Harry Potter”, she probably would’ve been pelted with rotten ostrich eggs.

  13. Was… was that the Lord Zedd theme song?? I… I think I’m in love! O_O

    • yup, i recorded ‘lord tedd’ to dub over the lord zedd bits but there was no way to make it hearable AND decent sounding.

      • Aw man! XD Still, great so see a classic piece of crazy-fun music used again, and on such an appropriate show! =D

        I just found your site after seeing you on Oancitizen’s “Ken Park” review. I really dig your review style and the overall themes of your character. Very unique, and very evocative of Metal without being too overt about it. ^__^

  14. [Coughs] You are aware that NChick already reviewed this film, right? She had a parody music video at the end and everything.

    • [coughs] Yeah. I know her and Elisa. I saw the review. I had this review announced back about 6 months ago and the script already written when I found out about theirs.

      If there were similarities I woulda changed the script, but I didnt need to.

      • Just checking, and again, thanks for the reply.

  15. Just have to ask, but what kind of drinking game could you make out of this?

    • how about you take a drink every time you see something very similar to something in harry potter?

  16. Diamanda Hagan…
    Nina Galas…
    Have you, perchance, heard of a musician by the name of Diamanda Galas?

    • Um, nevermind that.
      Are you a fan of hers?

      • yeah ! 🙂 diamanda galas, nina hagen and grace jones were the 3 inspirations as how hagan acts/ looks/ sounds in various ways. gracejones is her middle name.

      • Just curious…
        You mentioned Genesis P-Orridge by name in the review for Raspberry Reich. And given that you’re a Diamanda Galas fan…
        Do you listen to any of the bands Genesis was part of?

      • i like throbbing gristle and psychic tv. not massive fans but i like them

      • Yay, I’m not alone.
        Yeah, TG had two stellar albums, one okay one, and pretty much nothing else.
        Although a search on Discogs shows that in the ’90s, Genesis did a collab with Merzbow, who’s pretty much a living, breathing Marmite Effect. I wonder how well it turned out…

  17. One of your best. Never seen the movie before but anything with Tim Curry is definetily worth a watch. Those eggs looked kinda painful, think I saw you starting to look down after a well placed egging. Goody eggness and am totally looking forward to next season.

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