Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Virus

Hagan and Joshua the Anarchist watch VIRUS! A 1990’s Guys with Guns versus Monsters Movie!



  1. Thanks for the AMAZING Christmas Present!

    Hail Hagan!

  2. Eh, I always kind of liked “Virus”. But I’ve seen Screamers 2…and that is far worse than this movie.

  3. I’m a bit late to the commenting.. Been sick, still am, so this is brief.

    Another really fun review. I hadn’t seen anything by Joshua the Anarchist before, but your styles seem to mesh well here.

  4. I second that – I like Josh’s style and it would be cool to see you two crossover again. Awesome review! Especially loved his pathetic attempts to out-evil Hagan.

  5. While I admit it’s a dumb film, I really love all the practical effects.

  6. I actually saw this in the cinema when it first came out.
    (Can’t for the life of me recall why!)

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