Hagan Reviews Series 4 Trailer

A trailer for Diamanda Hagans upcoming fourth series of reviews.

The Line up is as follows.

– The Knackery
– Chopping Mall
– Necromaniac
– Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm
– Sextette
– Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
– Genderfellator
– Blackbeards Ghost


  1. Really looking forward to these 8)

  2. Does that mean your old theme song is back? Hah, just kidding. Looking forward to Stonewall and Riot. That one sounds like a… riot.

    Yeah, that was awful.

  3. I watched your original schizophreniac review(not gonna watch the film) now you are reviewing the second one can’t wait, unfortunately they made a third one or at least a third film with the character Harry Russo in it The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell, my guess if you weren’t aready it would make one cuckoo and drive them into hell 😛

    • way ahead of you. i have it and its in s5… whenever that is. we watched it in my room at magfest.

      • Well if it is like the orignal I weep for you or rather the minions that will be inevitably killed because of it

  4. Now I’m sad. I thought I saw a “Myra Breckinridge” clip at the end of your last special review, but I guess I was wrong. I’d love to see you review that.

  5. With movies like these, I want to see a cross-over with the Cinema Snob so bad!

    • I think crossing the sleaze like that’d cause total protonic reversal.

      • The universe would implode, or maybe just the reviewiverse. 😛

  6. Blackbeard’s Ghost…? Peter Ustinov, Blackbeard’s Ghost? That’s my favourite childhood movie, the movie that made me want to be a pirate. I can quote that movie word for word, never thought I would see it alongside such gems as The Knackary and Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy… I might have to grab the dvd and watch it again several more times before the review comes out, just in case there was any BDSM scenes that I’ve repressed from my memory.

    • ahhh but remember every series i choose 1 kids film to review… so maybe no bdsm afterall

      • “We’ll always be ready! Steady, boy, steady….” Is starting to sound a bit dodgy to me now though…

  7. Ahh, blackbeard’s ghost, I loved that film as a kid. Looking forward to your review of that- but the one I’m really excited for is the sequel to schzophreniac

  8. Ooh. Blackbeard’s Ghost! I used to get that one from the library when I was a bratling. Wonder how well it’s held up.

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