Special Review- Zombeak

Hagan inflicts the worlds worst Zombie Chicken movie on Jewario



  1. Had no idea anyone could come up with a bigger mismatch than Lupa and Oancitizen but you came through. As with their review it was a hoot. Also I hope this buffers all the hate you’re going to get for speaking to Spony again. Always nice to see Insano. As for the finding a film with the ultimate badass Jesus you could have always said Ask The Cinema Snob. Could’ve led to more cameo fun.

  2. I loved what you did with jewwario, you can always tell when a woman writes the crossover because the they are not afraid to have the guy hit her. The wrestling references were great I didn’t know you were a fan of early 90’s wwf. Also was that marzgurl Marvin the Martian you hit Justin over the head with (I actually once saw a stuffed animal used in a match by the sandman). Keep up the good work.

    • It might have bee. the marvin just happend to be in his room when we filmed so I dunno who owns it.

  3. I thought you had a more Mister Sinister look. Or Lady Sinister, but I am convinced that Lady Sinister was created either:
    a) On a bet to see if they can just have an excuse to draw Mister Sinister with really big boobs.

    b) Someone’s excuse to have their creepy wank fantasy/fan fiction made canon.

  4. Wow, have you two ever even seen the Chicken Dance before? Geez…
    Take a shot! 🙂

  5. This dosen’t really have anything to do with the movie, but I have been holding this question in for too long. Is Haganistan recognized by the U.N?

  6. Wait, that can’t be right. JewWario got away with punching Hagan? HOW CAN IT BE?!

  7. “But this was no chicken. This was evil manifest.”

    Now I am wondering how chicken/human rape works, given that birds don’t have dicks….

    Thanks, Mistress, for the bad mental images this produces.

  8. I love to watch this review!

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