Special Review- Eat the Schoolgirl

Hagan forces Oancitizen to watch… an interesting Japanese Arthouse film… with equally interesting results.



  1. I googled.. i googled.. and i googled some more and I still have no idea what the plot of the film is.

    The most I’ve gotten is that there’s two main male characters – one obessed with phone sex and the other with violent sex. They work for the yakuza giving out pamphlets for the phone sex line the one guy is addicted to.

    In some sort of dellusion or something the angel chick who is the phone sex voice shows up at phone sex guy’s place and apparently tells him to kill.. “because”

    The yakuza also film snuff and rape porn – which is where i think the other guy comes in. He’s the one into rape/snuff. That scene where they walk in and say three words is apparently where the two leads learn about the snuff porn and the one takes an interested in it.

    Other than that i’ve no clue what happens or why… and google suggests no one else does either. It reminds me of requiem for a dream in a way, but i cant find any real morality in it.

  2. Been waiting for a full-fledged crossover with you and Oan…it did not disappoint, heheh

  3. Aaaah, this was a really fun review. Which makes me feel a bit dirty, considering the subject matter.

    I really enjoyed all the truly outrageous, colorful little continuity nods.

    The interplay between Hagan and OanCitizen is a delight to behold and has its own, unique energy. You really work well together.

    This review also has one of the – if not THE- most disturbing reviewer breakdowns I’ve ever seen, which makes it all the better, since it perfectly ties in with the ‘regular’ Brows Held High fare… just (more, much more) twisted and wrong.

  4. Tried the Turkey Shoot drinking game during the review, on my way to get stomach pumped now.

  5. The callback to the “what is it?” reviews with eye-liner wearing Oancitizen cracked me up. Plus this had to feature the single-best one of the ‘field-tests’ to date. I’ve been hoping for you guys to do a review together for a while now and it was terrific fun.

  6. This was even more awesome than the review with Jew Luigi! Love you and Oan, and was so excited to see you guys do a whole review together. Clearly you had a blast at Magfest 😀

  7. There is a good chemistry between you and Oan, seeing you two interacting it’s a lot of fun.
    Snail Hagan, Oan in school uniform – it was perfect, I couldn’t stop laughing. One of the best jokes so far.
    Is Diamanda planning some revenge on Jeww…Luigi? After all, he not only punched her but also kicked her out. Leaving it like that would be a little out of character for our evil mistress.

  8. This probably my favourite yet, considering you and Kyle are my favourite reviewers. There’s great comedic chemistry, and you’re by far the best actors on TGWTG. Seriously, this was hilarious, albeit bizarre.

  9. So you spent all day in bed with Oancitizen while you’re fiance watched and videoed it, stopping only for Oan to get into a schoolgirl’s dress, for you to get into the shower, and for Oan to tie you up and get an iron. All things considered, pretty tame results.
    Kidding aside, awesome video!

  10. Well I’m not sleeping ever again. Oancitizen in a dress, eeeeesshh.

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