Hagan Commentaries- Zombeak Review

JewWario and Hagan talk about their ever so slightly epic ZOMBEAK REVIEW!



  1. Holy crap! I didn’t recognise your voice at first! You sounded like a woman in her fifties with a penchant for smoking cigars and drinking lots of scotch. But it wasn’t bad, per se, it was just amusingly different.

    Anyway, you guys were great in this one. I loved the awesome chemistry, the random factoids, the behind the scenes commentary, the flubs and related miscellanea. Just plain awesome. I’m so glad there’s talk of an upcoming collaboration in the future, you two were seriously good in this one.

    Also, I had a great laugh at the bit about Army of the Dead. I can vividly imagine Hagan’s “bitch, please” face towards the salesperson.

    Oh and I am not terribly surprised that nobody’s criticised the rape drinking game yet. Most of what you review contains rape as either something to be eroticised or as cheap shock value. Making fun of it via a hilarious drinking game disarms them both. It renders the cheap emotional manipulation of the shock value futile and it subverts and neutralises the cases where it’s supposed to be “erotic.” I call that a win in my book. Also, it’s Hagan. A drinking game about rape is tame in comparison to some of the other stuff she does in her reviews. Criticising that is like criticising an arsonist for littering after he sets a house on fire and drops the matches on the sidewalk.

    • heheh. my voice was so tired because id just done 4 hrs of filming and was exhauuuusted.

      Very glad you liked the commentary, im sorry the quality on my ends a bit.. loud.

      • Oh, that explains it. Don’t worry about the quality, I thought it was amusing! Variety’s the spice of life and all that.

  2. You two do good commentary together. I too found it awesome that the take-a-shot running gag was questioned by someone who doesn’t realize it’s standard for such an extreme reviewer looking at extreme movies. Although Phelous has the rape horn as well, so there you go I guess.

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