Urban Gothic Reviews S2 Episode 3 Necromance

Hagan continues her look at the early 2000’s British horror anthology show Urban Gothic! Series 2 Episode 3- Necromance.



  1. An odd thing just occurred to me… This episode’s story seems to me like it would work better in comicbook form.

  2. This episode really does look awesome, and if I wasn’t so squeamish, I’d actually watch it and I know I’d enjoy it. It should definitely be made into a movie.

  3. Indeed a perfect girlfriend. A corpse that can actually give consent. Those other corpses cannot give consent so I have to call the other times rape. Just because they can’t say “no” they also can’t say “yes” either.

    • That is revolting. There is a guy who has sex with corpses and the murky consent is what disgusts you? You have problems. Why did I load this video! I just threw up all over Simms. With a title like Necromance why was I expecting anything good? I was revolted enough by the 2 piece bikini… That is right, Simms thought it would be hilarious my reaction. It is the 2 girls one cup all over again.

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