Urban Gothic Reviews S2 Episode 4 Eater

Hagan continues her look at the early 2000’s British horror anthology show Urban Gothic!

Series 2 Episode 4- Eater.


  1. Oh, please – There is ALWAYS entertainment value in Hagan rage!

  2. I made you a comment but I eated it.

  3. This episode sounds more boring than the time I met He-Man. That should sound exciting but then he just started exchanging receipies with Simms.

    • You’re a very silly person and I’m not going to interview you.

      • That kind of came out of no where. You think that was silly, I did not even get to the part when they started to larp.

  4. Greetings, Mistress.

    Just wanted to say that I recently discovered your videos and have been binging on them for the past couple of days. I really like your style and humor, especially when it involves doing horrible things to the minions. It would be funny if they tried to form a union or something.

    Consider me a fan. I really look forward to the new series. Also, thanks for plugging the gamer movies. Those were funny as hell.


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