Urban Gothic Reviews S2 Ep6 Ritual Slaughter

Hagan continues her look at the early 2000’s British horror anthology show Urban Gothic! Series 2 Episode 6- Ritual Slaughter.


  1. Oh wow – It’s Gerry:Urban Gothic edition.

  2. Wait a second…a person with OCD whose compulsions actually keep things in order? This was stolen from an episode of Night Visions!

    Night Visions (TV anthology series)
    Martin (Malcolm McDowell) is brought into a mental hospital because of attacking a pedestrian where he is examined by Dr. Chritchley (Miguel Ferrer). Martin is an obsessive-compulsive who sees patterns and acts them out. He claims his patterns hold everything together: keeping ties the same color and planes in the air. In short, he has a contract with God. Chritchley doesn’t believe him and drugs him, and strange things start to happen. People kill themselves, fish drop out of the sky, and firemen start fires. Chritchley insists Martin teach him the patterns which he refuses to do, telling the doctor that now he has the contract.

    And honestly, that episode was great because mcdowell put a lot into his performance and you really felt for him. This episode though, they actually made the concept boring.

    • i took a look at the broadcast dates and hey were less than 2 months apart so im doubtful one was a ripoff of the other. and the nature of the patient was a little different, in ritual slaughter it was her thoughts that could affect others and cause them harm and in night visions it was him holding reality together.

      however being a sucker for an anthology show i am gonna try and watch night visions! thanks for mentioning it!

      • Ahh, okay, that is different enough. Also, no problem, Night visions is certainly a mixed show but it has a few gems.

      • I came here to comment on similarities to the Night Visions episode as well. I recall thinking I had seen some of the ideas done in other places, such as anthology type horror movies. For the most part I think what they borrowed they did well. Maybe you’d be interested in doing reviews of that series.

      • On imdb.com (if it can be trusted) the release dates are nearly a year apart, UG Nov ’01 and NV Sept ’02. But even if Night Visions took the idea from Urban Gothic, I think NV did a much better job with it.

    • honestly i have a rather large list of series’s d like to do ep-by-ep vids on already. but i wanna see the show def

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