Special Review- Project Million (Aka Fuck the Internet)

Hagan reviews the mysterious ‘Project Million’. What could it be?


  1. To be honest, I find this review a bit uncomfortable to watch. Although the review as a whole is not without laughts, the ripping-on-self is a little bit too vicious and hateful to watch, even though I know that it’s not serious.

  2. That was good review but I think you were a little to hard on the insane ambiguously gendered clown, after all it was not that fat.

    Seriously though I loved this more then the actual film, I always find Self-Deprecating humor to be great and have wanted to see some in an internet film review it and treat it like it is a real movie, before this the closest we had was film brain review of suburban knights. which was just edited from another review. I hope you are in the anniversary movie this year.

  3. Wee nature light!

    Love your look in both the review and the movie. I firmly believe you are one of the most lovely and awesome reviewers on the web.

  4. Pretty fucking hilarious, Hagan. One of the first LOLs I’ve had in a long time. My favorite bit was with Aleister at the end. I thought the self-mockery was a good twist. A lesser reviewer would have praised the “unknown actress” for having such good taste in fashion and makeup, but you went the unexpected route. You’re not fat, though. You’re adorable. Please don’t nuke my hometown.

  5. That was exceedingly meta…Phelous has nothing on you! Pretty funny though

  6. Wow, that girl in the white make-up was hot! Wonder who she was?

    Also, are you freaking out because of “Its a Small World” or are you freaking out at the way youre freaking out over “Its a small World”? Because that’s some box-in-a-box shit right there. The World’s going to collapse in a black hole of internet irony.

  7. I have a theory that Hagan in Project Million was being played by Alistair (who’s a better actor than previously thought) but he was too drunk to remember doing it and to stupid to recognise himself without the moustache.

    Sorry, but I have to resolve continuity somehow, even if that makes me one of the weak.

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