Urban Gothic Reviews S2 Ep7 The End

Hagan continues her look at the early 2000’s British horror anthology show Urban Gothic! Series 2 Episode 7- The End.


  1. I loved this one. I’m tempted to hunt down the region 1 DVD now. Or engineer my own army of Cusack zombies.

    I’m glad they had another good episode. So looking forward to seeing the stuffing taken out of the finale.

  2. Hmmm, note of neatness: The “uhhm, what’s the word..” bit near the beginning surprised me. I thought it would not work because I saw the word coming and thought that it would sound too repetitive after you just used the word “good” a couple of times, but you surprised me with the understated delivery and made it work. It might be a little thing, but I like to note when things go so well.

    Beyond that, another great review. As funny as it is when you hate something, your enthusiasm for something you really like is pretty contagious. I want to see this now!

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