Diamanda Hagan Reviews 04 02 Chopping Mall

Hagan reviews some vintage 80’s-evil-robot-hunting-teens-in-a-mall action!



  1. Wow, I actually thought that guy was a reference to Bruce Campbell, and then I realized the dates of the films…

    That is seriously FUCKING SCARY!

  2. Isn’t “Klaatu Barada Nikto” originally a reference to The Day the Earth Stood Still? I believe it was the phrase used to pacify the killer robot Gort, which explains its use in this movie.

    Not sure why Army of Darkness used it, though.

    • yeah its a reference to he day the earth stood still. but a bruce campbell lookalike saying that before army of darkness was made had to commented on:p

      • Heh. Fair enough.

  3. So I didn’t hallucinate the fourth series trailer. There really is a sequel to Schizophreniac the Whore Mangler. Fuck.

  4. Wow, definitely one of your finer works! Very entertaining, great gags, snappy pacing. I especially liked the “you can shoot now”/”I cut this scene down” gag and, (of course!) the interrogation-for-fun side-story. Also, the sound transition between “turned into a music video” and the return to the movie’s audio was incredibly smooth.
    On a technical note, I also really liked the lighting for this episode. It’s a little brighter than most earlier episodes, which makes the footage come out clearer, but not so bright that the point that this takes place in a dimly-lit compound doesn’t come across.
    I’d definitely put this on the list of episodes-to-get-people-into-Hagan-reviews.

    • Seeing Spoony in the “Apocalypse” review got me to watch the Hagan reviews. Maybe this could do the same for Cinema Snob fans?

      • i dont think he’ll post it on his site. its just a tiny cameo afterall. spoonys one featured a new alternate spoony. but if i get a crossover with him i might get some new fans heh

  5. Well Hagan after viewing this i can say..I am amused. I laughed at your humor and i enjoyed the interrogation footage. I even got tips of what to do with insolent henchmen. Good Show, I’ll have Ridgemonte send you a gift basket.

  6. I am so stoked to see the Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2 review. I suppose Chopping Mall did come out first, but I just decided to enjoy the joke. I think Blockbuster Buster said “Just enjoy the joke next time.” I could not agree more.

  7. You seem to have tweaked your lighting/saturation this season, and it looks glorious.

    • heh, just the usual variation. the lighting depends on when i film. right now because of long nights and short days i film at night and only have the interior light to mess with in post.

  8. I take it I’m the only one who noticed the 80’S DAN CAMEO.
    which means possible Cinema Snob crossover damn it!

    • id love to do a crossover with him!

      • Thus far your crossovers have been awesome, and I would love to see you do one with the Snob as the two of you make awesome reviews!

  9. Mistress, I have to warn you. There is a new enemy by the name of Magnum of Encyclopediadramatica.se.

    We must figure out a plan of attack to stop him. His email address is clmarek211@hotmail.com

    • no, dont attack or stop him. he’s allowed his freedom of speech. its the internet, its not that important. not everyones gonna like the videos or me and thats his business.

      on the record. please, none of my fans ever ‘attack’ or try to ‘stop’ guys for writing shit about me or anyone else.

      • Shuks.

  10. I’m confused…did Sam Raimi see this movie? Does PimpBot 5000 approve of this?

    • He might have but he wasnt refrencing it. Both this and Army of Darkness were refrencing The Day the Earth Stood still.

  11. I noticed you rag a lot on the stupid cannon fodder– I mean, our heroes — for not using the air ducts. But if memory serves, they COULDN’T use the air ducts because the computer cranked the heat all the way up, making them deadly to any humans inside.

    Why the mall uses a converted blast furnace for heating, though, is unexplained.

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