Diamanda Hagan Reviews 04 03 Necromaniac

Hagan returns to the world of Harry Russo with Necromaniac!



  1. All minds remain sufficiently blown.

    ‘Though person-with-hatchet-and-venician-mask-paid-to-stand-there is about as random and crazy as the film, but infinitely more interesting.

  2. So many questions…..
    1. Jesus was able to find Harry Russo and he walked from Nazerath.
    2. Jesus exists and does not stop Harry Russo….for some reason. Jesus is sure ineffectual in this movie.
    3. How has he been able to avoid being arrested by now? He is in a third movie?

    4. Nobody has thought to call the police when he has done countless crimes in public?

  3. On answering the door naked:
    I’ve worked as a postal delivery person, and people do answer the door naked…did I mention that I USED to work as a mail delivery person?

  4. I fear for the sanity of the people involved in this film.

  5. I can’t tell if this is a thing that’s real or if I’m having another fever dream.

  6. First Dr. Insano on Film Brain’s show, and now you. Do all the top super-villains like to drink cum?

    Looks like the 50th movie is going to be just as over-the-top with the bodily fluids as this one was. Between the blood and the shit, I really should learn not to eat while watching your show.

    • I’m a villain and i do not.

  7. Seeing Harry Russo again brightened my day up so much. Seems like a perfect sequel.

    I in equal parts look forward to, and dread, the 50th review.

  8. Well it looks like Mr Russo is going to be fucked if he has Jesus going after him.

  9. Hello Diamanda! Great review, although I have one question, what movie is that scene from where the two guys are slamming each others head in a refrigerator? That looks hilarious.

    Hail Hagan!

    • Thats called Guest House Paradiso, its a film adaptation of a British sitcom called Bottom.

      • Thank you 🙂

  10. Simms is pleased to see his favorite Mel Gibson performance artist.

  11. You didn’t black box the hooker’s nipple in the torture scene.

  12. Die Cunt is easily the worst Primus song ever.

  13. Weirdly, Harry looks like Jerrid Foiles to me.

    However he SOUNDS like the most repulsive NYC cabdriver there ever was. Carl Brutananadilewski at his lowest is miles above this guy.

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