Special Review- Nixon and Hogan smoke Christmas

Hagans 50th episode special! From Hack movies, its NIXON AND HOGAN SMOKE CHRISTMAS!


  1. I got to admit, when I saw “Santa” in the trailer from your last video, my first thought was: “Davros has really gone up in the world”

  2. And here I thought this was going to be about Richard Nixon and Hulk Hogan going on a White Castle road trip. Or at least Cynthia Nixon and Paul Hogan.

    The opening was a nice nod to Linkara’s massive crossover openings.

  3. First off, congratulations on 50 works of bizarre, outlandish and hilarious art. In my opinion, you are and will always be the one reviewer who dares to do what others don’t and never stops being surprising while still maintaining a consistent, unique style and crafting an evolving, engaging character with its own quirky supporting cast.

    That said – What the fuck did I just watch?

    Okay, seriously, I think that this is a great choice for an anniversary episode because this is exactly the kind of movie that only a Hagan review can do justice. Way, wayyyy out there, but not without it’s own tinge of brilliance… A perfect fit. I admit that I thought that 39 minutes might be a tad long at first, but there wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t entertained. Also, starting out your own moment of triumph by giving lesser-known reviewers an opportunity to shine? That’s vintage Hagan. Or rather, it is vintage -NAME REDACTED-. Screw the C-list, as well as A,B, the unfortunate D and all the others.. You are on a list of your own, every entry all the way to the very top!

  4. This is another hilarious review I love your show and I can not wait for the next 50 episodes

    Love the cameos at the beginning but I would say omega is at lest c-list if just because she in engaged to one of the funniest reviews on the site.

    IMHO you are you are one of the TGWTG top tear reviewers and one of the 6 best on the site. This is not just because of your character (even though I do think she is hilarious) but because of the material you review. You find really bad or cheap obscure movies and rift on them in a humorous but informative way. Contrast that with a certain tosser who mainly reviews good to decent movies and just bitches on how bad they are while getting most information about the plot wrong. Or one that douse such a poor job of reviewing bad movies you actually begin to defend movies you hate because they ignoring critical plot points and even subplots and then claim they are plot holes because they assume nobody saw the whole film or they did not see it themselves.

  5. Congratulations, Mistress!

  6. Congratulations, Mistress! I wish that I could be there to celebrate with you….

  7. Yay! Me loves it. Watching it for the third time just now.

    In Haganistan, is the 50th milestone always celebrated with a botched 5-way murder attempt?

  8. Well first Mistress i offer you a hearty congratulation on surviving 50 assassination attempts. Seconds i say i had a good laugh whilst watching and the minion who had to come up with his own death was very good (i’ve done that before with a few of my butlers). Third, when you said you have all those movies that were shown in that one scene i challenge you to prove such a claim.

    Thank YoU
    Sir SNooty of Steampunk

    • Ahhh but I don’t own ALL of them. Just about 90%. Because it was mainly Troma movies and Hack Movies. Both of which I have any of.

  9. Was Hogan wearing a Zombie Squad tv-shirt in that one clip?

  10. Your hair looks particularly nice in this episode.

  11. Congrats on 50 episodes. Was very entertained by this video and will be sure to try and check out some of the other nixon and hogan movies

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