Flubs- Stonewall and Riot review

A collection of flubs , bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Stonewall and Riot review

Hagan Cameos- Linkaras Southland Tales Review

So some people who you may have heard of reviewed Southland Tales at something called Magfest. I turn up too…

Fan Art- Nicky Vendettas Hagan and Critic

Nicky Vendettas Critic and Hagan

Awwww. And the dvd I held up was meant to be Fire and Ice not Rock and Rule! (I derped and brought the wrong one)

Heres their Deviantart!

Diamanda Hagan Reviews 04 04 Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm

Is this the only CGI animated gay superhero porno comedy ever made?

Hagan Cameos- Heart of Gaming, Calls.

Hagan turns up in the latest ep of Heart of Gaming!

Twatty Who re-Review: Fear Her


Like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time a re-Review of Fear Her!

Hagan Cameos- Some Jerks Star Tours: TAC review

Blink and you’ll miss it cameo in Some Jerks latest episode (I’m wandering around behind Spazz and the Wire with a lightsabre) Jerks one of the funniest guys doing this silly internet review thingy so go watch!