Special Review- The Guinea Pig Movies

Hagan watches all 6 of the infamous Japanese film series!



  1. Awesome overview Mistress. Charlie Sheen must most definately have been wasted to mistake those movies for legit snuff. The first one perhaps…but the second?

  2. Finally!! FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for someone to review these films for so long I thought it would never happen. I saw the
    Snob’s vid but then yours came up and it was like HOLY S$*T!! I bought the box set from Best Buy YEARS AGO and seriously wondered if anyone else ever watched this stuff. I think I like the ‘Mermaid in a Manhole’ film the most. It’s disgustingly beautiful if that makes any sense.Totally dug the review and am looking forward to you reviewing the ‘Men Behind the Sun’ movies (ever seen ’em?) Great review Mistress!.

    • I have the men behind the sun movies and seen 1 and 4. no plans on reviewing any right now though.

  3. Honestly, they seem boring. As do most gore flicks with no emotional attachment or anything to get invested. It does seem though that genki-genki got their inspiration from number 6.

    About Man Behind The Sun, I dont know if that is up the Mistresss’ ally. It is a legitimate, well-shot, well-made film, and the dehumanizing of the prisoners and the torture secenes are hard hitting. That ugly torture porn flick, Philosophy of the Knife might be a “better” choice for a DH review.

    Dont get me wrong, I love your reviews:)

    What that wlatzy music? I cant put my finger on it.

    And as long as we are on suggestions: Gummo!

    • The end theme music? theme from a summer place.

      never seen philosophy of the knife but i’ll keep an eye out for it. as for the men behind the sun films, i have the set and seen 1 and 4 (even planned sometime to do a plug for 4 a its a damn powerful film)

    • At the suggestion of “Gummo”, I could hear Oancitizen screaming thirty miles away across the Potomac. I’d still love to see a Hagan review of it, though. Both she and Oancitizen have reviewed Bruce LaBruce films, so why not each do a Harmony Korine film?

  4. Well done, Mistress!

    This reminds me of cleanup duty.

    And kitchen duty.

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