Adam Adamant Lives! Reviews Ep 9

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at the Classic 1960′s British spy/ hero series Adam Adamant Lives!

This is Adam Adamant Lives Series 1 Episode 9- Sing a Song of Murder.

Adam Adamant Lives! is owned by the BBC.



  1. YAY, Adamant is back! Amongst all of your TV reviews, I have a particular soft spot for this show and all of its outdated cultural horribleness. Or pre-dated, in the case of Lennon.

  2. This show is just plain wonderful, it’s like what health and safety executives and TV watchdogs watch instead of S&M porn. Okay, so this was a tame episode by the show’s standards but I hold this one in special regard as it sees Ms. Jones getting one upside the head.

    Perhaps that makes me a bad person.

    I think part of the reason I like watching these and your Who reviews so much is that your enthusiasm for the material really shines through without it descending in to fanwank. Generally you do a better job than most of balancing praise for something you like with much needed criticism but in these audio-only reviews you seem to have a more natural delivery. Still, it’s a good quality for a reviewer to have as so many people seem to have a hard job separating out what is objectively good or bad from what they like.

  3. The hypnotism only works when you don’t know you are being hypnotized. More likely the hypnotism does not work on me because it only works on the weak minded/people who don’t want to be hypnotized.

    • Say, I’m looking for a man who needs danger, to whom love is a stranger. Could you hook me up perchance?

  4. Hmm…a sound weapon. Wait, isn’t that also what Experiment IV by Kate Bush is about?

  5. Hypnotism kinda does work that way. Sorta. In at least that the more times person’s been hypnotized before, the easier it is for them to go under again, and a repeated suggestion can reinforce a previous suggestion.

    There’s limits though: the only way for a suggestion to really stick in the long term is if it’s compatible with the person’s normal personality. Otherwise it degrades over time, like a habit you gradually come to feel you can’t be arsed with anymore. Or if it’s really proper incompatible, like telling an instinctively peaceful person to kill, then it won’t take at all, not even at first.

    That’s why hypnosis doesn’t usually work for addiction therapy, anger management, or other stuff like that. You’d have to spend many spaced out sessions strategically nudging the underlying personality and worldview into a stable new structure, and that would require a VERY intimate and detailed understanding of the person you’re trying to change. You can’t just kluge in or crowbar out traits like modular components, much less define a single simple (or automateable) process or suggestion that would work on everyone like the songs in the episode. And if you’re going up against an actual chemical addiction, the most you could do is shore up their mechanisms for resisting relapse conditions, but you can’t cure cravings or make them immune to relapse.

    Adamant above is half right: a person can be hypnotized against their will if they don’t know they’re being hypnotized, but again, doing this deliberately would require an intimate understanding of the target’s psychology, since you don’t have their conscious cooperation to make things simple. Adamant’s ability to resist isn’t a matter of willpower (that’s not really a factor in whether or not someone’s hypnotisable), but more one of alertness, distrust, and detachment. You can (theoretically) hypnotize someone without them knowing, but you can’t hypnotize someone who can’t or won’t relax, or who can’t allow themselves to fixate to the exclusion of other things.

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