Twatty Who re-Review: Fear Her


Like a proper twat, Hagan reviews some of the worst adventures in Doctor Who history- this time a re-Review of Fear Her!


  1. Hello this is my first comment on one of your videos,wasn’t Susan his Granddaughter (I know you said there was no canon but still,though I guess she could’ve been adopted.)this episode of New Who is still Really,Really bad though

    • There’s various stories about his exact relationship to Susan, which usually don’;t fit with each otehr. Doctor Who’s is like a labyrinth of things that don’t make sense together masquerading as a TV show (:p)

      I personally fit the idea that The Doctors a reincarnation of The Other in mine. And Susan was the granddaughter 0of The Other.

      • I was going to ask the same question also feel free to disagree on this but when i looked up looms it says that it came from the spin of novels which i haven’t read. Shouldn’t the tv series be counted as the most authoritve view on cannon as it is what the novels and all the other doctor who merchandise is ultimately based on.

      • Nah, thats the rule with Star Trek and Star Wars but with Doctor Who even the TV show disagrees with itself so much if you take the on-screen as canon it makes no sense. The books and stuff with Doctor Who are filled with bits where the writers try to make the TV show make sense.

        A lot of Doctor Who was made before VHS’s and British TV didn’t really do repeats so the writers usually ignored what had happened beforehand. Unlike Star Trek where they try to keep all these things in mind when writing.

        For instance in the TV show Atlantis is destroyed more than once, for completely different reasons.

      • Ah thank you sorry it took me so long to respond (my birthday was on the 28th,and i usually don’t get Replies

  2. Great work on that re-review. It should definitely work as a great introduction for the Who-hungry TGWTG crowd. (‘though I already hear the cries and lamentations of the Tennant fangirls)

    I’m also both impressed and amused by how fresh your hate for the episode still radiates and glows through this. Now there’s something to power a spaceship. Speaking of which, I’m also impressed by Omega’s bit in this (And it always throws me for a loop when she uses into seriousvoice)

  3. Hey Diamanda, have you ever seen the classic serials, The Chase and The War Games? If so, what do you think of them? I ask because I just saw the former, which had Dalek comedy (xD!) and I’m geniunely curious on what you think of War Games, one of the most epic Doctor Who stories ever.

  4. Hey, loved the review. It saddens me that they more or less replicated this episode with Night Terrors.

    The torch also looks like a fountain pen, how weird.

  5. This episode certainly is one of the worst since the revival, and I’m probably going to divide the crowd by saying this but I would take this kind of bad over the Moffat kind of bad any day. I can forgive the sillier, stupider type of bad more easily than I can forgive the “A Good Man Goes to War” kind of bad personally. Doctor Who by nature is often somewhat silly. That is just part of it’s charm, so when it crosses over into the “way too silly” territory I think that’s more understandable.

    • Oooh a good man goes to war is on my list….

      • What about The Wedding of River Song? I hate that one too lol

  6. I agreed with you up until you mentioned Moffat.

  7. Seen all of your twatty who reviews and love them, even when I disagree. That said, I do have a question. Are there any Doctor Who episodes that go against your personal cannon that you like anyway?

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