Diamanda Hagan Reviews 04 04 Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm

Is this the only CGI animated gay superhero porno comedy ever made?


  1. Damn you Diamanda! Arkham City is now a VERY fucked up image in my head…

  2. I was wondering if you heard of “The House of Morecock?” It’s by the same people who made this movie and more or less the same thing except with horror instead of superheros.

  3. That was totally worth the watch!

  4. But who would have given birth to Stonewall, Batman or Goliath? Nice review, I especially liked the Big Lebowski cameo. While I haven’t seen this one before (yeah I know, I’m a straight prude), I have seen the porn parody of the 60’s Batman TV show. It wasn’t half bad, despite the fact that they only female characters from the show they had were Catwoman and Batgirl so most of the women were just normal people in period clothes, it had some nice little touches that gave it charm, such as the fact that the guy playing the joker had a mustach that was just covered in makeup like Cesar Romero on the original show.

  5. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about this review because to me, CGI porn has a certain low-quality repulsiveness to me that is matched by almost nothing else. However, the work you did on this really made it an exceedingly enjoyable watch!

    I love your use of audio cues in this, especially the doom song (The way it faded with the jetthing disappearing into the distance was matched up perfectly) and the musical cues. The musical contrast in the.. *cough* climax of the movie? Brilliant. The use of the 60s onomatopoeia bubbles? Brillianterer! Never expected that one particular word/name to appear in this way, and it was perfect when it did.
    The pacing in this one was top-notch, too – Not a dull moment in there, and those 28 minutes flew by like a breeze. I’ll never understand why some people don’t like the minion bits… It seems so refreshing to me to break up the “one person talking to a camera” format with lively supporting cast of theoretical ∞.

    Oh, and lastly… Bit of an odd question, but did you do something special with your hair? It was so shiny!

    • little secret. the invader zim ep that the doom song came from had them on a jet, flying away into the distance. I just used their audio:p

      • I did/do realize that, but it was synced up beautifully.

  6. I could not stop laughing throughout the review. The material worked with is hilarious on its own right, but your commentary made it even better. This is on the same tier as the Raspberry Reich review. Moral of the story, you need to review more over-the-top gay porn?

    Loved the use of silly music during sex scenes.

  7. I feel a horrible inspiration to create nyancat related porn now.

  8. I have to give the movie credit for a Frantics joke. “Boot to the head!”

  9. why does this movie gross me out more but doesn’t nearly offend me as much as guinea pig movies? I probably have issues.

    Good Job as always

  10. This is the first of your videos to actually make me cringe…well done! I guess I figured a movie like this must exist, but when confronted with the reality of it…Thoroughly enjoyable review, keep up the good work!

  11. I can see it now. A Pixar quality CGI gay superhero porn.

  12. little secret: the citkat club(s) are bdsm-clubs in, i think berlin and munich (i think, might be cologne, i am not very sure)

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