Hagan Cameos- Linkaras Southland Tales Review

So some people who you may have heard of reviewed Southland Tales at something called Magfest. I turn up too…


  1. Not exactly a lot of screentime in there, but you certainly owned what you were given!

  2. That’s a long review o_o;
    Oh, the cameo was fantastic though, despite it’s shortness.

  3. I am a little disappointed that omega was not in there it seemes like every other reviewer at the convention was there including one that I have never seen or heard of (dan the roomate) didn’t you said in a comentary she filmed somthing with him

    • I could be wrong but I think Omegas main filming was with Derk the Bard (Troll Hunter), Mickey Insanity (The Almighty Thor) and as camera operator on my co-reviews (Zombeak and Eat the Schoolgirl)

  4. I loved the whole thing, but I find it funny that your scene was actually the one that I laughed MOST at.

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