Adam Adamant Lives! Reviews Ep 10

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at the Classic 1960′s British spy/ hero series Adam Adamant Lives!

This is Adam Adamant Lives Series 1 Episode 10- The Doomsday Plan.

Adam Adamant Lives! is owned by the BBC.


  1. Excellent review once again, definitely got a few loud laughs out of me! It very likely would have been more laughs if I had been more well-versed in the field of crazy religious fundamentalists, but even without knowing many of the names, it was fun to hear you throwing them out where applicable.
    Also, that villain was so gloriously hammy. So much ham. A whole farmers’ market worth!

  2. You guys had all the best spy shows: Danger Man, The Prisoner, The Avengers, The Saint.

    We had…..Bill Cosby.

  3. Greetings Diamanda Hagan
    I am starting to think Ms. Jones’ prolonged exposure to Adam Adamant led to her developing the mutant power of being so incredibly uninteresting by comparison that she generates a perception filter.

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