Diamanda Hagan Review 04 05 International Guerillas

Hagan watches a subtle drama based around the satanic verses controversy.



  1. “The Manitou” is an amazing insane as fuck movie from Native American legends, except the filmmakers knew they were making a goofy monster movie. The filmmakers for the Christian movies devoutly believe in their silly messages. It’s difficult to find non-Christian movies that do this.

  2. “Atlas Shrugged”, maybe? I know technically objectivism isn’t a religion, but it does have the ideology over common scene part down.

    or maybe some good old Communist propaganda.

    Good review overall.

  3. I actually watched this review last night before sleep. (Downloaded and played on another device, but I let the ad play out first) and I’m still pretty much just amazed and stunned. That movie… wow. Just wow. And any movie that can be summed up thusly is naturally grade-a Hagan Reviews material – A high bar which you easily pole-vaulted.
    In your reviews of such propaganda films, there is a certain kind of glee, an enjoyment of tearing down what has been propped up impossibly high, which makes these extra-entertaining. Considering the final fate of the protesting minions, I guess it could be called “fighting crazy with evil”.
    The syncing in the music scenes was excellent, although the “run with us” scene might have been a little gratuitous.. But you know that.
    I also enjoy the little callbacks to previous reviews that pop up here and there. The funniness of those makes it quite rewarding to be a fan.
    As a last note, the fact that your footage was extra-dark in this one had the side-effect that the red on the right side of your face remained invisible until the very end, making it seem a little like the film had made you cry tears of blood. Kind of a neat touch.

  4. The really horrifying part of this is that somewhere in the world someone has seen this movie and agrees with the main characters and there motivations…great review but when you say that your looking for more awful religious movies I can’t help but think that the minions could review them as a punishment. The 1994 movie Priest comes to mind and then there’s Dogma.

  5. Best video ever! Spoony cameo… check! Jerry Lewis lookalike blown up by a swarm of Korans… check! Hawkwind song…GOOOOLLLL!

    I’m just curious, is there a reason why you didn’t go with “Assassins of Allah”? Or is “Urban Guerilla” just funnier?

  6. This film has offended me. It has taken the image of the great high and holy Batman and slandered it! I call upon all those who follow the almighty Caped Crusader to rise up, seek out the infidels who have made this blasphemous film, and smite them in the name of our beloved Dark Knight!!!

    • Nah, let’s just toss some old copies of Dark Knight Returns in the air and let them work their magic. I bet the books will hunt down the people who worked on this film and pelt them with batarangs.

  7. This movie is at least 12% scarier than most Christian fundamentalist movies… and at most 13%. It is, however, fabulous in its camp value once the scary elements become so absurd you might as well be reading a youtube comment section on a Bieber video. The comparison is pretty appropriate too, my friend’s step-father is a behavioural psychologist who specialises in the middle-east, specifically consulting with the US army in Afghanistan, and says work he’s seen has shown that due to the lack of education and resources and the aggressive culture the average adult has the emotional maturity of your average 14 year old westerner.

    Still, they don’t deserve all the flack for the madness over this book, the ignorance over the Satanic Verses is contagious even outside the Muslim world. I remember when I was studying this, (quite enjoyable) book at University I brought it up with my grandfather and he went on and on about how we had to “live in fear” because people like him “want to stir up trouble”, and how the government should be able to silence people like him. I’m not exactly sure how an Indian politician condemning the book a year after its release causing a catastrophic over-reaction by fundamentalist lunatics living in a powder-keg region of the world sending an innocent author to ground impacted a Spanish catholic man who lived in England and very rarely read anything, he was unable to explain that much.

    In conclusion read the book; it’s a very entertaining and imaginative work and mixes the absurd and the meaningful elements of the story sublimely. Oh, and FUCK the tabloids, politicians using hate and fear to further their own personal power fantasies and religious lunatics.

  8. Great review, for a hilarious looking movie.

    Out of curiousity, did you ever watch “The Raccoons” as a kid? Just wondering if you picked that song knowing it was the end theme for a Canadian cartoon or if you just picked something random that was eighties enough for the scene. Whether it was intentional or not, thanks for the nostalgia bomb.

    • Oh, god, I wasn’t the only one who started to flash back to the very early 90s when that music came on? I hadn’t even heard that song since I was about 5 or 6 and it came flooding back to me word for word, note for note like I’d been listening to it for years.

    • Oh, and FYI the song is, unsurprisingly called “Run with Us” and I believe it’s by Lisa Lougheed. I had to get me that shit because it’s an annoyingly catchy, enjoyable tune.

    • Yup. Watched Racoons. I love that song and it fit so well I had to use it. Previously used it in Battle of the Bone.

  9. I could only think of one religious propaganda film. It’s Christian propaganda. It is called “If Footmen Tire, What Will Horses Do?” It’s a hoot.

    Only place that I could find it was on Google video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4525163494747636591

    • I was directed to that one by ‘That Douche’ from the tgwtg wiki team. Its on my list. Along with a million other Christian movies heh.

      • I’ll start looking for some Buddhist or Scientology propagand films. LOL

  10. I wonder if the Guerillas ever noticed that they were using Uzis a lot of the time. Y’know, an *Israeli* submachine gun? (I guess since the most theologically pure firearm available was a Khyber Pass Copy of a Lee-Enfield, compromises had to be made for the greater good.)

    And I can’t help but ponder if the general over-the-top batshitness is more a cultural artifact, or of the religious drive. Fascist and Communist propaganda flicks usually weren’t THAT deranged. And you could count on the Soviets to write a pretty decent soundtrack for one, too.

    P.S. Heh! The Raccoons…good memories. Even got that song on my iPod.

  11. After some musing, I just realized the most hilariously ironic part of that movie—the shocked heroes objecting to the Pakistani police commander that they can’t just shoot protestors, who’re doing nothing wrong!

  12. If I may suggest a non-Christian religious movie, Nobuo Nakagawa’s Jigoku (1960), about Zen Buddhist Hell, comes to mind. Though, if you ask me, the film takes its sweet time to get to Hell and there’s quite a bit of plot involved (for a movie that’s all about how bad Hell is, that is).

    There’s also two remakes of the original film, but I’ve never seen them, so I can’t comment on them.

  13. Boxer’s Omen based on Buddhist legends I think.

  14. Your review was amazing and far better structured than that film, but that doesn’t surprise me. However, what the..?! The fact you know about Rove Mcmanus and John Saffran has blown my little Australian mind @_0

    • I am a MASSIVE John Safran fan. Have almost all his stuff on DVD. Also a big fan of The Chaser.

  15. i as a muslim have shat my screen. so damn hilarious-and scary. i mean, what the.. it would nice to kill anybody who doesnt like my opinin but the planet would be a waste in my infinite dictatorship..*muahjahahha*

    nah, serious, some people have to work on their aggressionproblems. serious. these terrorist should make porn instead. geez

  16. So, uh, where did you find this? I sort of need to see it.

    • Search for something like ‘flying korans kill salman rushdie’ on youtube. If you find the correct video (its the ending of the film) there should be a download link for the film. Its how I got my copy:p

      • Many thanks 🙂

  17. I would love to see a parody of this movie, with Superman fans hunting down Zack Snyder.

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