Diamanda Hagan Review 04 06 Sextette

After a brief interuption Hagan reviews Sextette. The film stars WHO?!



  1. This was amazing!

    Your timing was spot-on and, connected to that, the usage of cameos magnificent. I daresay that this filled the tall order of the best use of Ed Glazer ever.

    But even without the guest stars, this would’ve been 40 minutes of pure entertainment. I really like the way you toy with the viewer’s expectations. The glass-of-water gag stands out in particular. At the gunshot, I tought “Well, this was funny, but I kind of saw it coming”. But then, your line after that had me laughing out loud.

    Another great laugh was your pointing out of Alice Cooper’s realization. I’m now utterly convinced that this was exactly what happened.

    The only criticism that I have on this one is that it might have been good to actually hear more of the first few bad songs just so we could tell just how bad they were. Then again, the snippets of the later ones make the omission seem like an act of mercy.

    Of course, I also loved all the minion bits. It’s always good to see some HNN (gotta love the high gag density with the text scroll), and the side-plot (Amazing opening, by the way) holds a lot of intrigue…

  2. Octogenarianpussy is good but as far as GILF Bond porn goes I always prefered ‘On the Queen’s Secret Cervix.’

    You really hit this one out of the park. Your humour is well balanced with actual reviewing, the asides for the side-plot are entertaining and it was very tightly written. With that said I think not rehearsing too much suits your style. The re-review of Fear Her really did feel like you were just going through the motions. Still, who can blame you when there’s a vortex of emoting on-screen?

    As for the other performers I can’t help but think Doug slips in to the role of a Chigagan skeez very easily? When he’s not being the Nostalgia Critic or Doug Walker, internet reviewer he seems to have this roguish charm that seems like it’d make him a fun guy to go drinking with.

    Also, is it me or can you see an expression of exasperation on most of the cast as they talk? There’s a real sense of desperation throughout this production.

  3. I nearly did a spit-take when that Octogenarianpussy cover popped up…brilliant mistress

  4. Rona Barrett was too well known back in the day for you to merely pass her off as a Marcy Darcy look-a-like. Damn, I’m getting old.

    Great Cameos by Doug.

    Every time I see Timothy Dalton in anything, I think of that exact scene in Flash Gordon.

    Joan Crawford was in ‘Trog’ (a surprisingly decent movie), not ‘Eegah!’

  5. One of your best reviews, Mistress. But what exactly is a Cockson? (Sorry: English isn’t my mother tonge and i have no idea how Cockson is spelled).

  6. A fantastic review- I’d heard about how bad this film was but… wow. The jokes were very on the mark and I liked the cameos- particularly Doug’s as the overexcited sportsfan.

  7. I once saw Keith Moon giving exactly the same performance in Tommy, only then he was playing an alcoholic incestuous paedophile. Weirdly, Ringo Starr played the same role on stage in the nineties, random bit of trivia.

    Also, I’m three years too late but congratulations on turning a constant stream of shit into a constant stream of funny.

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