Vlog Review- Chernobyl Diaries

Hagan and Arnikarian the Minion watched Chernobyl Diaries and decided to steal Brad and friends shtick.


  1. I whole-heartedly welcome this instance of idea theft on the merit of being quite entertained by it!

    By the way, the b&w somehow gives it kind of a 90s indie vibe.

  2. I think this supports my thesis you work better when it’s not too polished/practiced. Your delivery seems best suited to discourse rather than a more didactic approach like, say, Lewis has. You guys have a nice dynamic too, ala Welshy & Filmbrain, (though less reserved) and nobody dominated the conversation so the dialog flowed quite well.

    I’d definitely like to see more of these if y’all are up to it and it seems like you did. Unlike Brad and friends where they go around the car and collect opinions you guys construct a more flowing discourse, and tend to talk more to the camera. It’s not a better or worse approach but it means you’re not just producing the same old thing with a smaller cast.

    S’a shame yer boy Arnikarian has his face covered all the time, he’s got one of those wonderfully expressive faces on a level with Rowan Atkinson.

    • *seems like you had fun. This is what happens when you don’t re-read what you’ve typed. ‘scuze me.

    • Well we filmed outside my house (10 mins drive from the cinema) because we needed to get the camera. so on the way back we talked about what sort of stuff we wanted to bring up. And STILL managed to forget stuff. ONE OF THE CAST LOOKED LIKE FRANKIE MUNIZ PLAYING LEONARDO DICAPRIO!

      • That’s quite the concept… exponential non-descript inoffensiveness. Extrapolating I think the next step in that number series would logically have to be a child sculpted from butter…

        Still, that’d explain a fair bit I s’pose, though ultimately I’m just looking forward to seeing more. The soonish-to-be-wifey enjoyed it too.

  3. I cant tell you how mad that movie made me, as a NUCLEAR PHYSICS SCIENTIST.

    • Would I be right in guessing as mad as Prometheus made me as a member of a sapient species?

      • My sincere point of view on that is: The Alien franchise blows. 10 minutes of Frank Black are not enough.

  4. In soviet russia (okay, not soviet nor russia since it’s ukraine but) they are used to do even better than to lock the van, they always travel in caravan with a least two vehicles in case one fails because of the long distances and sometimes harsh weather to be stranded could be deadly, like in the movie, but they know better, so there…

  5. there survival skill is even more shit when you realizes that the ex-military guy should have known the light from the van killed there night vision.

    I kind liked this movie. its not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t worse horror movie I’ve seen either.

    It was implied that there was some kind of secret medical facility/experiment going on in the bunker under the town.

    p.s. The film was shot in Serbia and Hungary.

  6. pps. I liked the monsters in this movie more than most hord movies, But the second act drraaggeeeddd.

  7. To be honest, making a horror movie about Chernobyl is a redundance. The reality of the thousands of people who died horrible painful deaths is far scarier than a movie where 4 idiots (who probably deserve to die anyway) die. My advice, go watch a good Chernobyl documentary, it’s far scarier, trust me.

    I do wonder why they havent still made a based on real events Chernobyl movie yet, it would be so epic, the sacrifice of so many that knowing they were going to die horrible deaths threw themsleves into the inferno so the radiation wouldn’t escape.

    • Better yet, watch a real documnetary and not some greenpeace-esque sensationalist crap

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