Vlog Review- The Amazing Spider-Man

Hagan and Arnikarian the Minion are joined by The Avatar of Decent Humour in watching The Amazing Spider-Man and stealing Brad and his friends shtick.



  1. Okay, I wouldn’t necessarily turn to these vlogs to get an in-dept review of a movie, but they definitely work as entertainment!

    Now please excuse me while I try to erase the mental image of Gay Superman banging Linkara to death.

  2. Oh Misstress, I totally dig the post viewing reviews of movie theather nights with your mates. Sure Brad started it all, but again, in the Internetz nobody can take dibs.

    Greetings and Hail Hagan!

  3. The “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” bit you guys were referring to was originally an editorial essay written by sci-fi author Larry Niven. Both the Mallrats conversation and the penthouse comic you guys talked about were directly based on that Niven article. The comic was IIRC a direct adaptation, whereas the Mallrats conversation doesn’t cite the essay explicitly, but does repeatedly come so close to directly quoting it that it’s obvious to anyone who’s read the original that the character and/or Kevin Smith are referencing it specifically.

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