‘A Diamanda Hagan Review…’

A review… by Diamanda Hagan… Something a little different. Sorry its short but I’m working on The End of Time.



  1. Oh holy smokes, the meta-ness of this just broke the fifth wall, which was unfortunately also holding up the blip servers. Fortunately for me, I was able to finish loading the episode before it crashed through.

    On the other hand, I’m almost at a loss for words with this, safe for the fact that you still managed to make this an entertaining watch, albeit mildly uncomfortable for the very thick layer of self-deprecation.

    By the way, did you consciously use a gimmick similar to “Heart of Gaming” for this? Seems a little too close to be mere coincidence.

  2. No! No, Miss Hagan, No. You are a good reviewer, a DAMN good one. I’ve seen most of the other review shows, and you’re definitely in the top tier. If we wanted to watch weird films, we’d just google “weird films” and watch them ourselves. The quality of your work is in your personality (and the minions/avatars/etc) and the tons of effort you pour into your reviews (it shows).

    Though honestly, I empathise with the feeling. You often have people who are overly proud of what they do when there’s not much to be proud of, and then you have the other end, the ones that completely discount their strengths. I can definitely sympathise with the latter.

    So really, just remember you have people who love your work. That counts for something, right? 🙂

  3. Whew, I was in danger of narcing for a big dose of what the fuck and you came through yet again Mistress. First time I’ve seen a how to video disguised as Battleship Potemkin.

  4. “Working n the end of the world” would be a great away message.

  5. I tell ya, I’m glad someone finally slammed this knock-off. It’s bad enough they clearly had no CGI budget, but they only threw “Battleship” in the name to pretend they were making a prequel to that delightful Liam Neeson masterpiece.

    (If you have to ask, you’re on the wrong site)

  6. Ha, it’s a primer for the show. Genius! And I love the title card!

  7. My mother wanted to know why you’ve stopped calling.

  8. Really this just underscores what a really nice person you are. Most reviewers would take the opportunity to blast their commentators while you turn it into more self-deprecating humor; I know it’s largely for comedic effect but it’s still nice of you.

  9. Halloo. You don’t know me from Adam but I watch you on the ‘net and therefore feel invested. Therefore…

    I do hope this doesn’t mean you’re feeling down on yourself. Not that my opinion is particularly august or informed, but you’re still one of my favourite British reviewers, and not just on Channel Awesome. I follow reviews on Youtube and other sites (because I have no life) and I really think that you and Mike J are the two best British reviewers around at the moment. I really like what you do and how you do it (no innuendo intended,) you have good delivery and relatively good production values and in both cases I think the stuff you say about the movies is funny and interesting without being twatty (I’m also not saying any of the other reviewers are bad, btw, I really like Welshy’s stuff, Guru Larry and all the rest.)

    • Dude you do know the she’s from Ireland right?

      • Well Im from N.Ireland. And legally I can be either British or Irish. Either label is cool.

      • Whilst technically N.Ireland isn’t part of Great Britain it’s never the less part of the United Kingdom, so the term ‘British’ could be seen as dubious in this case but most casual observers wouldn’t have a big issue with the description – at least not without getting in to the nightmarishly horrible politics of the region.

      • (That was @Snooty, not @Mistress. I’d hate to think I’d be dumb enough to try and explain her own region to her.)

  10. Now that I’ve seen the Mistress sound so vulnerable, I can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to come to her senses any moment and send her minions to kill me. Or just nuke my hometown. Hmm, better send the minions, then the nukes just to be sure.

    Oh, well. You were adorable in this video, so it was worth it.

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