Vlog Review- Magic Mike

Enough people thought it’d be funny for Hagan and Arnikarian to see Magic Mike that they went. And then TALKED about it.



  1. Hey, you’re not trolling the format. Aw. Oh well, nobody got that, anyway.

    That movie seems like typical Hollywood half-assing to me. “Hey, we got a topic that could get a little controversial. LET’S PLAY IT COMPLETELY SAFE IN THE MOST BORING WAY IMAGINABLE”. Maybe they were just trying to avoid being like showgirls in every possible way.

  2. I love these vlogs.

    That’s a very fetching rose print.

    The deep south is actually pretty black. Far as I know, the go-to U.S. state for “no diversity” punchlines is either Utah or the Pacific Northwest. I live in Portland, however, and it’s actually a lot more diverse than it used to be.

    I just found a YouTube video of Arnikarian playing Lecher Bitch on the piano and it is super cute.

    I expected next to nothing from Magic Mike. I expected a PG13 Boogie Nights with a bullshit happy ending, and it sounds like something even less than that. As for the hunks, that might be a change of pace; Hollywood guys are so twinky these days.


    [I will leave it up to YOU to decided who I am talking about, cause that is how I roll]

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