Vlog Review- The Dark Knight Rises

Hagan and Arnikarian the Minion are joined by The Avatar of Decent Humour in watching The Dark Knight Rises and stealing Brad and his friends shtick.



  1. Bane used venom in the comics and cartoons, not titan. Titan was modified version of venom created for the arkham games. And Bane was always a big buff dude, he was basically a stronger version of Batman and had venom to fall back on should the need arise

  2. THANK YOU. Me and my friends have literally been saying all this since we saw it. You pretty much nailed every complaint we had with this stupid, poorly written movie. It feels like they just did their first draft and went ‘fuck it, that’ll do.’ Stuff like this is why you and everyone else at CA are awesome.

    • …you DO know a handful of people at Channel Awesome liked it, right? This isn’t an outlier thing like Benzaie with Sucker Punch, or Angry Joe with Man of Steel; opinion on TDKR is evenly split on the site.

  3. Daytime! Color! What is this madness?
    Seriously, though, sounds like a pretty succinct critique to me. Personally, I lost most, if not all enthusiasm for this movie when the first pictures of Bane’s look surfaced.

  4. Okay I have a mole that surfaced after I was like 8 or 9 so it’s totally a thing.

    I loved the movie. But i wanted to point out that in one of your batman comparisons you said Batman (1989) scene where Bats repeatedly misses the Joker with his Batwing is like the scene in TDK. I totally disagree. In TDK Batman is not missing, he’s not even firing, he’s growling to himself because he knows he can’t kill the Joker. And the Joker is repeatedly saying “c’mon, do it, do it, c’mon” because the Joker’s whole character in TDK after he finds out what Bats’ MO is, is to make the Bat break his one rule. When Batman deliberately swerves away from the Joker you can see him mouthing “fuck” silently because he never made Batman kill him. However the Joker won later when he put Batman in a situation that made him kill Harvey.

    You also mentioned that the ending, Batman not-dying in the blast radius (pretty silly, he deffo would not have survived, but I don’t care, logic doesn’t matter to me in comic book movies, even if they’re super serious cuz even the Batman comics take themselves too seriously sometimes) is just an audience tease because all the characters knew he was still alive. I disagree though, I feel like it was part of the Batman story that Bruce Wayne’s Batman had to die and all that had to remain was Bruce himself. Like Batman Begins ends with Rachel telling Bruce “Batman’s not the mask, you’re the mask” in this film, Bruce Wayne becomes the dominant persona and Batman is sacrificed heroically, rising to the status of indestructible symbol for Gotham (V for Vendetta-esque) from his former status as dark guardian. That leaves the legacy open for JGL’s Robin/Batman/Nightwing/Whatever to be warmly welcomed by Gothamites.

    The movie is silly and filled with holes as you’ve pointed out, but I feel the ones I just specified have good counter-arguments. And your critiques do not affect the fact that this is my favourite Batman movie in the Nolanverse. Then again, Return of the Jedi is my favourite Star Wars movie so what do I know?

  5. As someone who really enjoyed the first two Nolan Batman movies… this was crap. I could forgive some of the earlier stuff going on in the movie, but as things went on the problems in logic just kept mounting. I enjoyed the performances (sans Bale’s Batman voice and Hardy’s ADR), but the script was bad. Frustratingly bad.

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