Diamanda Hagan 04 07 Maniac Nurses find Ecstasy

Its French, its got maniac nurses in it and its from Troma…



  1. What I find amazing about that movie is that is a 1980s french nursesploitation softcore porn / torture horror / bdsm slasher movie with callbacks to 1970s italian nazisploitation and incest themes…. And they had to pad it for time! How does one do that?

    I love how you worked Lloyd Kaufman’s name troubles into this and made it work with your character and how you integrated the (familiar) narrator. Also, maybe it’s just me, but there’s something entirely hilarious about Hagan doing everyday things (the soup scene). Speaking of everyday things, the slightly understated bit with the grocery minion was wonderful, as well.

    And now I shall try to make good use of the time until your next full review to brace myself for it. I think it might get a little icky.

    • Hagan doing everyday slacker things-funny. Bored Hagan getting drunk and hanging out with other dictators-hillariously fucking funny. I don’t even know why its so funny, but it’s brightened up whats promising to be a hellish summer. Thank you.

  2. I’m 30, squee’d at seeing Troma in the description, even moreso at Sir Lloyd’s appearance… and I’m oddly okay with it.

    (Even after having to explain both names to my brother.)

  3. “Ilsa, I dropped something into the body!” As long as it wasn’t a Junior Mint.

  4. This had a Belgian director…I’m so proud!!!

  5. Not gonna lie, the moment you killed the Narrator was one of my favorite parts. It was inevitable, but no less satisfying than expected. Can’t wait for the next review. I’ve been watching your reviews ever since you did that crossover of Heavy Metal with Nostalgia Critic. You’re my new favorite reviewer. Hail Hagan!
    P.S- I have three words for you: Tokyo Gore Police. Check it out.

    • Heh, glad you enjoyed that bit and its wonderful to have you watching the show 🙂 I have TGP. I dunno if I’ll be reviewing it but I did enjoy it!

      • Good to know you liked it. I figured you’d probably seen it, but I needed to make sure. It was an interesting movie and seemed right up your alley, even if you didn’t review it.

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