Twatty New Who Review- The End of Time (Whole Damn Thing!)


You want all of the End of Time in one video? Well you got it.



  1. You know what you’re talking about, and many of the points you make are valid. But using a personally-chosen canon and not reviewing the piece based solely on what it shows invalidates your opinion for nearly your entire audience. The only thing that viewers share is what occurred on screen in the individual work.

    I appreciate your passion for DW, but compared to your usually well-reasoned and insightful reviews this time out you come across as less a critic and more like a fangirl.

    • Thats a fair comment. The twatty part of the title comes from me being a twat. This show is about my unrestrained fan id being aimed at doctor who without apology. I know its not for everyone.

      • the dude can say what he wants, but you gave him a more thoughtful reply than he deserved.

      • Third time watching this video and I will say, even though your canon is not same as my canon, you points are still made well and… yeah a bit twatty. But to be fair, the episode(s) started it! They were crap first!

  2. Understood, and it’s your show after all. I guess since I don’t share your canon but am interested in what you think about the story and its execution as a whole, it gets a bit confusing.

    That said, you’re on point regarding things like the Doctor showing mercy to a genocidal maniac. And that’s why I like your stuff.

  3. For the record, I have no complaints about this review at all! I agree with all you said. Simm is mis-cast. Can you imagine the Great Roger Delgado acting like this? Could we imagine any of the Classic Doctors being this . . .whiney? I certainly can’t.

    May I ask which story you are going to review next? I can’t wait!

  4. I am in the very small (see also: non-existent) minority here. I don’t hate John Simm as the master and he wasn’t my first master either. However, as an open Russel T Davies defender, this episode really really is beyond defense. I understand the man was celebrating his (admittedly impressive) feat of bringing back Doctor Who, but it’s really hard to see this episode as much more than self congratulation.

    As for the “twatty” portion of the title of this show, I feel I can relate. I could probably make an hour long video on “The Wedding Of River Song” or “A Good Man Goes To War”. I feel both of those are worse than “The End of Time” and I am in the minority there as well. When I explain why, my friends accuse me of being nit picky. So I suppose I am a twat as well. I don’t always agree with your Doctor Who opinions, but I always find your presentations interesting and entertaining.

    Also, I only comment on videos if I feel I have something to say and that usually involves your Doctor Who videos. As the result of this, I have made a pledge to myself that I will mention “A Good Man Goes To War” in every single comment I make on your page from here on out.

    • A Good Man goes to War is on my list….

      • Haha, yeah I know. I guess that one is just my “The End of Time”. I hate it that much. When I watch your DW videos, even the ones about episodes I hate, I always think “eh, not the worst”.

  5. Posting this here so I’m not drowned out by the comments on TGWTG:

    Diamanda, I’d really like to hear your take on “Day of the Moon,” which is my most-hated episode of DW ever. And I mean serious hate: I’d like to roll up a copy of the script and beat Moffat about the face and head with it until my arm was tired. It nearly motivated me to write a snail-mail letter to the BBC.

    I won’t say what makes me hate it so much so as to not influence your view, but I will say this: It’s not “nerd rage” (like the bit about the TARDIS sound in “Impossible Astronaut,” or the whole point of NASA being to create a space suit), nor is it about the writing & dialog, the performances, or even the confusing nature of the plot.

    • Honestly I have much less issue with that than many episodes. I will be doing something from S6 but its gonna be ‘A Good man goes to War’.

      • Understood, and thanks for being so good about replying. I’m sure you get a lot of this kind of thing.

  6. I’m sort of a “fringe” fan of your work. I don’t follow your primary review series but I’m a fan of your Bonekickers and Twatty Who reviews (I hate almost all New Who and don’t watch it anymore – your reviews are now saving me the time and effort of watching and hating it). So despite being only familiar with a small portion of your work, this review has made me an eternal fan.

    Why? Because you mentioned Duane T. Gish and the “Gish Gallop”. I loathe Duane T. Gish because.. Ugh, there’s not enough time in the world to adequately explain why I loathe Doctor Gish but by the sound of it, you are familiar enough with Doctor Gish to understand my rage towards him, his followers and his work (And I use the term “work” in it’s loosest possible sense). Once I heard mention of Doctor Gish, I could not restrain myself and lurched towards the comment box to express my respect for someone who has heard of Doctor Gish and shares my feelings towards his “debate style”.

    Also, the fact that you reply here to comments from fans is pretty cool – so few reviewers bother to interact with their fans at all and that earns a lot of respect from me.

    • I think I’d use more quotation marks around the word doctor with him! Yeah, not a fan of his. Happy to have you watching Bonekickers and Twatty Who reviews, there’s nothing wrong with not caring for my feature reviews. Have you seen the Urban Gothic or Adam Adamant videos? Their like the Bonekickers/ Twatty Whos so you might like them.

      I’m working on another Twatty Who, I have notes but not written it yet. After I’m finished Adamant I’ll be starting another TERRIBLE show that I’m sure to yell lots at.

  7. Ms. Hagan (May I call you that?), I haven’t commented on one of your videos before but I’d just like to thank you for shedding some perspective on the new series for me (a fan of the new series who’s planning to get into the old series). I definitely see more of the holes in Davies’ Who now, thanks to reviewers like you and Nash. ^_^ I wasn’t sure what to think of your review style at first, but I definitely look forward to seeing more of your work and I wish you luck with your future reviews.

  8. I do think that if The Master is supposed to be an evil counterpart of The Doctor, that John Simm works as a master for David Tennant. A silly shouty over the top lunatic to match a silly shouty over the top Doctor.

    I disagree about Ecclestone though. It may be because I really liked him in “The Second Coming” but he’s easily my favourite of the New Who Doctors. Where all the old Who Doctors had this basic confidence that very rarely broke, Ecclestone portrayed the doctor as a ragged, and somewhat desperate person. I thought it was an effective way of saying “You know the Time War, it was so bad that it gave the Doctor, a man who has died violently 8 times, killed a lot of people and seen hundreds die violently in front of his eyes, a severe case of PTSD”. I thought it was an effective way of Drawing a line between the two series, and an effective way of implying what must have happened to The Doctor in the mean time.

  9. Greetings Diamanda Hagan

    This special was my first on-screen experience with Rassilon, having known him mostly through reading up on Galifreyan technology, in which his name comes up over and over. I thought he was impressive in this special until I saw your review and later watched The Five Doctors. After that I have to agree this version is rather pathetic. I have reconciled Nintendo Power Glove of Rassilon as actually being a device that either restricts or siphons away his immense psychic powers. Whenever it looks like the Nintendo Power Glove of Rassilon is doing something, it is actually just Rassilon overloading it and then doing whatever the hell he wants through the brute force of his awesomeness.

    As for the “magic” of the Master cult, I immediately regarded it as technology that the Master just described in terms of magic to dick with his followers, but yes having the Wife not be an accomplice was foolish. As was the whole drum thing. While silly, I could see the Master making a Master Race being done well if it was handled better. A hive-mind of the Master could have made for a great threat if it was handled better. That said the Hungry-Skull Master is not something that could have been done well. That made me cringe.

  10. Sigh…I actually liked Tennant and Ecclestone as Doctors. Their stories vary. Still nice to see you rip into an episode that needed badly. Also good show with the “kill it kill it kill it” for Rose. She was over hyped as hell. So you’re doing “Good Man Goes to War” eh? Pity I like that episode but I am willing to see your critique of it you’re very entertaining when reviewing Doctor Who.

    • It’ll be done in a while. Next up is an Eccleston. Its mostly written.

  11. I am not defending this crappy two parter but:
    1.The lightning has been retconned to be artron energy, (SJA 4.3).
    2.They know what sedatives to use on a timelord due to the obvious outflux of .E.T. data from the collapse of both the Van Statten Collection, (NuWho 1.6 Dalek) and Torchwood, (as referenced by Naysmith).
    3.The timelords can, “return” because the time war is time locked, (ie: “Time itself resurrecting them to find new ways of killing each other again and again”. “Think of it as a bubble). Though the time lock probably means Gallifrey won’t become the New Alexandria colony meaning vast swades of the books are now wrong.
    4.When Rassalion was resurrected to fight the Last Great Time War he abolished the Timelord chapter system, (though it could also be a hold over from Imperiatrix Leela/Pandora’s presidency).
    5.They don’t need the Visionary she’s there as a result of the Timelord’s Last Great Time War, (Last War in Heaven) reunification,.
    6.Most complete record of Gallifreyian biology:
    7.The tenth doctor’s regeneration was delayed because he was fighting it hence the build up being released was enough to damage the Tardis.

    Also Lungbarrow fan + Face paint= exiled member of the Sisterhood of Karn? 😉 lol (Personally I restrict looms to Gallifrey 5 for troop production).

  12. I remember watching this at my friend’s, just when we started watching Dr. Who (well, me again for the first time since the 80s), and I’ve actually seen most of the episodes done here on Twatty Who.

    For all the stupid that’s been described, I can explain a few of them (he didn’t have to destroy the Gallifreyan diamond, just the interface of the device it was attached to), ignore most out of, well, ignorance of canon and suffer through most just as a means of convenient writing.

    But even as a total newcomer to the series, I found The End of Time as being incredibly stupid and badly written.

    The dealbreaker; the point where I just lost it with this episode and bellowed “WHAT THE FUCK?!” at the screen was how the 10th Doctor died.

    I still to this day have no fucking idea what that radiation shield chamber is, what its purpose was, or how it’s supposed to work even through the interpretation of “Super Science!”.
    It makes no sense and has more in common with the suicide boxes in Futurama than any control system.

  13. I think Rassilon was only as powerful as he was in the Five Doctors because he was in the Dark Tower (the centre of his power) but in the audios (which you mentioned) he was thrown into the Divergent Universe where he was weakened and trapped for eons before the Time Lords got desperate enough to fish him out of anti-time to assist with the Time War.

    Although I do agree that Don Warrington’s performance was more impressive than Timothy Dalton’s (more moments of purring charm as opposed to constant shouting) in Zagreus he was basically ‘the time lords must rule everything and anyone that challenges them will be killed or cut out of time’ which is basically how he’s portrayed here. But Zagreus has the distinction of being an even more confused mess than The End of Time so neither gets any plaudits for handling of the character.

    But now for some reason I just want Rassilon to turn up again, preferably played by Charles Dance.

  14. I know you have your own canon, but I’m pretty sure the reason the First Doctor has only one heart is because he’s half-human. Remember, the one thing almost all fans like about the Eighth Doctor movie (but creators of Doctor Who do not like to reference) is that the movie actually explained why the Doctor likes Earth and Humans so much, why he spends so much time there and why the First Doctor has only one heart – the Doctor is half-human – at least in his original incarnation. Upon undergoing regeneration, he gains the second heart like other Gallifreyans have, as the regeneration makes him more Gallifreyan. In fact, having two hearts is a normal part of pre-Time Lord Gallifreyan biology is even stated in “Lungbarrow” which is the novel that brought about the “looms” most fans (except some like yourself of course) hate. So the First Doctor having one heart because he is half-human is the only explanation that makes sense.

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