Adam Adamant Lives! Reviews Ep 15

Hagan takes an episode by episode look at the Classic 1960′s British spy/ hero series Adam Adamant Lives!

This is Adam Adamant Lives Episode 15- D for Destruction.

Adam Adamant Lives! is owned by the BBC.



  1. Ha! That really smug guy was also in Dr. Who. He was in the Ribos Operation!

    • And the Seg. Major was in a fuck ton of Hammer Horror movies. I believe he has appeared in the most Hammer Horror films, more than any other actor, if I’m not mistaken. And I’m assumed that, with that Withnail & I reference, there are three Doctors in this video. 2nd, 8th, and that version of the 9th Dr played by Richard Grant in a flash animation before the new series had started…….Christ I need a girlfriend…and a life. 😛 😛 😛

  2. Excellent work once again! ‘though I admit that I am not amongst the few who got the Fuzzy Wuzzies reference.

    Also, I’m always amused by the giddy smile of anticipation that Adamant tends to wear whenever he is being told about violent murder.

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