Diamanda Hagan reviews 04 08 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

You can NEVER go wrong with the Vomit Gore trilogy!



  1. Oh, I am going to regret this.

    • Yeah, yeah, regretting this.

      Right about the Industrial metal though.

      So do you have some technique to keep faith in the human race or do you just have no hope in it anymore and seek to laugh at it as a way to stop the pain?

  2. Mayhem jokes never get old.

  3. I was sort-of-prepared for all the wrongness of the movie, but I didn’t expect the title card to add yet another shiny coat of “wrong”. You say that the movie could be turned into an endurance test…. If that is so, what kind of test is reviewing it and actually making it funny?! In any case, you passed that one with flying colors, in my opinion.
    “Thanks me, I’ll make sure to avoid that movie” – One of these days, this stuff is going to break my mind. Probably for the better.

  4. Well, at the very least it looks like it’s better than the August Underground trilogy and yes, I suffered through it because I’m an idiot who can’t control his morbid curiousity.
    Anyway, much like AU, it still look like complete and utter crap which can be summed up as a display of gory props in the vain hopes of getting attention from moral guardians, but at least this looks like it might have a few genuinely disturbing moments, whereas August Underground is content with merely alternating boring “gory” scenes and random douchebaggery.

  5. Yet another one of your reviews where I had to pause the damn thing and collect myself. I’d say that’s a sign that this one will be a classic Hagan episode! Well done Mistress!

  6. Ugh. Just ugh. I cant stand to see/hear people vomiting, makes me vomit as well. Like laughing, just way more disgusting.
    1, POV kill shots is Dune? What?
    2, That was mainly Varg Vikernes (Burzum) and his firends/group who burned churches. As far as I know, no MayheM member was ever indicted (well, Euronymus had ideas, but Varg took care of that, the bastard). Of, and Varg is out since 2010 or so and has been releasing metal ever since.
    3, Norway is cool.

    • 1, Doom.
      2, I coulda sworn Mayhem were into it too. Oh well. Im not at all found of Varg myself.
      3, Indeed. I hear its rather…. cold (yeeeeeah)

      • Zing:)

        (I just moved to Norway, so I’m very happy and blather everyone with this rather useless info)

        Varg is an arse, but he makes good music.

  7. I was honestly expecting a lot more considering how much you built it up at the beginning. I suppose I can tolerate more than I thought.

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