Hagans ‘To Boldly Flee’ cameo takes

I recorded 2 separate cameos for To Boldly Flee. Both sent as possibles to use in the montage that recreated my fave bit from Ghostbusters.

I was asked to do the sandwich bit and came up with the minion execution on my own. As you can see we filmed a bit too much and did some speaking which wasnt right for the scene. Thats because I had very little idea what would be happening in the larger scene until I saw it.


  1. Okay, the second version made me crack up again. I mean, the gag is kind of predictable in and of itself, but the execution was just hilarious. Never has a more violent panda-beating occured.
    (Of course it doesn’t hurt that Nicola -if I may call her by name- performs an oddly adorable form of suffering)

    Also, really nice matching on the cuts, I gotta say.

  2. I personally think the second version was the better gag and more amusing. I wish it had been chosen instead.

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