Hagans Official Comment on ‘To Boldly Flee’

The God-Empress of Haganistan has some words on the subject of ‘To Boldly Flee’ and the minions that seem to be appearing in it…



  1. Ya when I saw the guys in the black masks, I seriously thought you would have a bigger role.

  2. This is an outrage of international incidentation! It clearly is only due to the infinite patience and mercy of the divine Hagan that no war was formally declared. Whether one will be waged, anyway, is something that time will show. In the meantime, I shall resign myself to observing the holy word and yell obscenities at the blip video feed.

  3. Have you ever thought of pattening the Minions? You could at least get some spare change to help out whatever plots you do when you’re not reviewing vomit porn.

  4. Well God Empress Hagan the reason Haganistan was barred from the olumpics is
    A. none of the categories you mention exist
    B. you’d just shoot your competators to win

    Also I bet the reason you don;t have a bigger role is you would get angry at the Villains ineptitude and shoot them. I am seeing a pattern here.

    P.S I am advocating for minions rights


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